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10 Clever Hacks to Save on Your Power Bill

The prices of utilities like electrical power are increasing, and an expensive bill is an unwanted suprise in todays financial climate. Although electrical energy is essential, using your devices within limits will decrease the expense of your household bills.

The first and foremost way is to compare power prices,  and see if your current provider is the cheapest electicity provider in your area.

Once you have the best possible rate, there are many ways in which you  can significantly save on  your power bill without reducing your comfort.

Changing Your AC Filter

This easy and often disregarded action can save on your electricity bills significantly. Air conditioners have filters inside the indoor unit, which trap dust and other particulate matter. Failure to change them will make the AC use more energy to cool the space than when it is not obstructed by the dust, resulting in increased electricity usage. Moreover, an unclean AC filter has a greater chance of spreading an allergen in its designated space.

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Turning Down the Thermostat at Night

Most people like to keep their house cooler than the exterior, keeping the thermostat in a high-cool setting. However, you can save money here by turning the thermostat up at night – because the exterior temperatures are a lot cooler at that time, and it wouldn’t take much power to cool the space down.

Throwing a Dry Towel in The Dryer

Dyers use a lot of electricity in their operation – as it uses the resistance of the conducting material of its heating coil while it is switched on. In this case, you can use a DIY tip – throw in a dry towel with the clothes you have put in the dryer.

It will soak up the washing machine’s water on the clothes, making them dry out quicker. This simple step will cause the dryer to run less, and you can save on the power bills.

Unplugging the Devices After Use

The average person wastes a lot of money by keeping their devices plugged in for a long time. Although they are not running, they still consume electricity, known as standby power. Therefore, it is beneficial to unplug the devices after you have used them – or will not need them for an extended period.

Say, for instance, during an internet downtime, you can choose not to use the modem and unplug it for a while.

Stop Using Hot Water in the Electric Washing Machines.

Expert homemakers recommend not using hot water on electric washing machines for several reasons. Firstly, hot water will shrink the clothes and wear them out quicker. Secondly, contrary to popular opinion, hot water put in the washer isn’t actually as helpful as thought in killing the germs.

And lastly, most modern detegrents are designed for use with cool washes, making them just as effective at making your clothes fresh and clean on a cool wash, as well as a hot one. This makes using the washer for a hot wash one of the most foolish things you can do, not to mention seriously cost-ineffective.

Run Full Loads

Always try to run full loads of laundry irrespective of the washer or dryer you have. Even if you could reduce the load by one wash cycle, it would reduce the electric bill by a significant amount.

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Switch Off the Lights

This is one of the easiest and most ignored pieces of advice by the general public. Switching the lights and the fans off after you have used a room or left a space saves a tremendous amount of electricity and, in extension, reduces the power bill.

Keep Your Refrigerator at 40 Degrees

Most people habitually set the refrigerator at a very cool temperature, like 35 – 38 degrees – however, it is unnecessary. It is best to keep the refrigerator temperature at 40 degrees, which preserves the food just fine. The too low temperature in the refrigerator will make it run inefficiently, which will cost you more money and freeze the foods you have kept in it.

Dry Your Utensils By Air

Stopping using the ‘heat-dry’ setting on the dishwasher will reduce the power bill significantly. The reason is simple – when you have an effective drying method free and always available, why go for something that uses power? Essentially the setting mentioned before uses heated steam to dry the plates. So, it means you still have to wipe them clean. It is better to air-dry it.

Start Using LED Bulbs

An LED bulb may cost more than an incandescent one, but it is financially advantageous to use an LED bulb in the long term. LED bulbs last significantly longer than incandescent bulbs, so the buying cost is less. As LEDs use substantially less electricity than the traditional electric bulbs, and as we use bulbs in our house in great numbers  – replacing an incandescent bulb with a LED will be more beneficial.

Save Power – Save Money on your Energy Bills

Power saving is a must because of its increasing cost and effect on the environment. The methods discussed above will help save electricity without an electrician’s help.

You can contact the cheapest power company, for further assistance.

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