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10 Most preferable Heel Choices of Women

Every woman loves shoes. They can increase your confidence and transform your looks as soon as you enter the room. However, along with the looks, what does matter so much is how the shoes you are about to buy fit on your feet. It is important for the shoes to feel comfortable along with looking stunning.

Also, price is a major factor that comes out to be deciding factor on whether you are going to make a purchase or not. The good thing is stores like metro shoes, Bata, Heels, and Hushpuppies offer you comfort, quality, and look at the same time.

If you are planning on buying good-quality shoes, but your budget is coming in the way, check out the metro shoe sale.

You will find an amazing range of shoes available at discounted prices. Whether you want to purchase elegant pumps or want to purchase stylish boots, or even if your plan is to purchase high heels, you can get them from your favorite shoe store. Out of all the shoes, heels are among the preferable choicesfor women.

Types of Heels

Here are some of the preferable heel choices among women

1. Block Heel

One of the primary reasons why block heels arebecoming a preferable choice forwomen is that they give you the perfect tall look you want without putting a strain on your legs. Wearing pencil heels putsa strain on one spot, while in block heels, the weight of the body is equally distributed.

The women who go through pain, fatigue, and strain on their feet every time they wear pencil heels should wear block heels, as they will provide you the style you want without causing so much pain.

2. Cuban Heels

The creative pattern of these shoes makes them a desirable choice for women. They look super pretty on your feet and give you the stylish look you want.

3. Ankle Strap Heels

It is another style of heel in which the strap is fastened around your ankle. These types of heels are famous because of their looks, and many women love to wear them.

4. WedgesSandals

Wedges give you height along with comfort. They are almost the same as high under the toe as they are under the heel, so because they are less steep, they provide you more comfort. You do not need to change them if you are going to a party or a festival.

They are perfect for day and night occasions. Moreover, not only are they perfect for summer, but you can also wear them in winter. They will keep you comfortable without putting pressure on your feet and will look super cute with almost every attire.

5. Wedge Heels

Just like wedge sandals, wedge heels also provide you with comfort. In a wedge, your body weight is distributed equally, which is why you get a pleasant experience along with an aesthetic look.

6. Boots with Heels

We all love boots as they keep us warm on chilly evenings. A pair of good heel boots not only keep you fashionably on top but also provide you with warmness on winter nights.

7. Pumps

Every girl owns at least one pair of pumps. These are classic and timeless pairs of shoes that can become your go-to shoes. They are perfect for almost every occasion. You can combine them with jeans, wear them with a skirt, or with any other attire. Moreover, pumps can be worn on almost every occasion. Whether it’s a party or a meeting, pumps will look good on everything.

8. Pencil Heels

Pencil heels are known for having a long heel, which can reach up to 8 inches and even more. These heels might not be the most comfortable shoes but they willsurely give you the perfect fashion nova look you want to achieve.

9. Medium heels

Many women who do not find themselves comfortable in long heels prefer to wear medium heels. These are perfect to be worn in the office or at a party. As these are not very high heels, so they do not affect your posture and give you a look you want without putting a strain on your heels

10. Kitten Heels

These heels are preferred by all those women who do not find it easy to walk around in high heels. Moreover, the girls who already are taller but still want to enjoy wearing heels usually wear kitten heels. Kitten heels are below 3 inches, and they are thin.

Final Thought

Other than these, there are huge varieties of heels available in various stores that you can choose from; many women love high heels, while some prefer medium to small heels. However, whatever your choice is in shoes, you can get them from various online and physical stores.


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