15 golden rules for crafting logos

There are multiple elements in a company that a person should and has to take care of. It is very important for the business owners or the management to see through all the possibilities to get the best of them. It doesn’t take an expert to understand that logos are very important and that they create a very important and substantial portion of your branding or promotion. A company logo is also the identity and carrier of its reputation. Therefore, here are 15 golden rules for crafting logos that can immensely help you with your design and element placement.

1. Do your research

The first and probably the most important thing about designing the logo is to do the groundwork. In this, you will have to research about the designs after understanding the use of that logo. To make this clearer, you will have to create a base for your logo. In this, you will be asking your client about their needs and why do they want to have this logo. There are a few questions like, what do they sell? How do they sell? What is their target audience? And so on! If it is an online shopping logo that you have to design, the creativity and ideology will be different from the logo that is for an automobile company. Don’t you think that? You will have to get the answers to these questions before starting the scratch work for logo designing.

2. Draw by your hands

Actually, it is difficult to say that you would be able to present the actual need for a logo on a computer. This means you might face issues while creating a logo directly on the computer. So, it is better to first draw it by hand in a sketchbook probably. You can be a bit more expressive and commanding on a sketchbook. Needless to say, you can swing your wrist the way you want and put in all your creativity too. There won’t be any digital interference and you will surely be better off with a pen, colours, and a paper.

3. Black and white will always be in trend

We already know and have seen that colours are of utmost importance in a logo. It makes for a huge part of branding when you showcase your products or services to your clients or customers. But according to a survey, it has been seen that colours at times can be distracting too. You need to consider the fact that unnecessary colours can become a problem for the customers and would refrain them from having a better look at the logo. As much as it is true that a beautiful palette can help in rescuing a poor idea, this is also true that black and white logos are always going to be in trend.

4. Keep the design proportionate

Apart from everything else, there is another important rule to follow while designing a logo and that’s keeping the design proportionate. The complete design of your logo, all its elements, the idea behind the logo, activities, as well as the value should be very clear. Right from the design to their size, colour pattern to the font; everything comes under design and all of it should be proportionate. The logo design should be done in such a way that it should fit in the social media platforms, your brochures, emailers, and every other place used. And another important tip that should be followed is that you should craft your logo proportion right from the very beginning.

5. Make it social media-oriented

Apart from the proportion and colour, you should also consider creating a logo that would look great on social media platforms. Not every logo has that capability and there is no defined way to create this logo. If correctly done, a doodle can also give you a logo that would resonate just fine on social media. Have you seen the Instagram logo? How comprehensive and beautiful it looks and surely it attracts a lot of people too. Knowing that social media has a lot of potential to get you, clients and customers, new businessmen have started keeping their logo apt for the social media.

6. Keep it simple and clear

If you have a look around, you will see that logos are being designed as simple as they can. Do you know, there are approximately 5 to 6 seconds for you to capture the attention of your client or customer. If your logo is too difficult to consume or has a lot of clutter, people won’t remember it when they should. A logo is important because it helps in creating a recall memory. If your logo is unable to do that, you will have to change it. Your overly detailed logo is steering your clients and customers away from you. Don’t let that happen.

7. Make your logo as unique as possible

One of the most important golden rules of designing a logo is that you should be creating a masterpiece that’s different from any other. Surely, you can take cues from other logos, but on the other hand, you should also be very unique. Do not try to copy or mimic any existing logo. Because if you do that, and people see a bit of similarity, they would understand the quality and standards of the company to be low. Such an image obviously you would not want to create.

8. Try to open up your horizon

Although, you have a lot of things to keep in mind while designing a logo, make sure that your lineup should not be left behind. While creating a logo, you will also have to consider a wider picture of your brand. That’s because you cannot keep changing your logo every now and then. So, become a visionary and look for the bigger and wider picture. With that, you will also get a chance to create an image in front of your customers about your brand. Such a logo showcases the vision of the brand which makes your clients or customers interested in knowing more.

9. Don’t be too loud

While designing a logo, one should not be too loud this means, you should not be too straightforward or direct in your design. Your logo should be made in such a way that it does not show what the company does. Where multiple new businessmen work on making their logo as loud as possible, it is better to do the otherwise. Let the logo intrigue and steer people to know about your brand.

10. Choose your type

Just because all your competitors are using one kind of logo doesn’t mean you should do the same. Creating a logo that defines and compliments your brand and its products is what you should do. Therefore, wisely decide whether you should go for only text, only image, or a mix of both.

11. Make your customers smile

Have you seen the logo of Amazon or the previous logo of Vodafone or the IG logo? You can see a smilie made below the logo. That’s a way to inject a smile on the faces of your customers. They would surely love to see it and would remember it for a long time.

12. Ask the management

Irrespective of the fact, of how big your company is; one should always look for a logo that compliments your brand. And when a single person decides on that, it becomes a bit confined. Therefore, it is important to take opinions and let others give their input as well.

13. Check for making your logo alive

Yes, you heard that right! If your logo is created, that’s the first step. In the next step, you will have to find out ways to bring your logo to life. Try colour palette, introducing some elements or whatever looks fine, but make sure you do what is required for your brand’s logo to look better.

14. Look for options and competitors too

As we have already told you in the previous point that keeping an eye on or taking cues from your competitors is very important. It won’t harm your brand’s logo at all. So, make sure that you keep that in mind. Also, look for options on the internet, maybe by using the online logo generators.

15. Use public reviews as well

One of the most important things that will help you initially to create a user-friendly logo is the criticism your logo gets. Let people see your logo and talk about whatever they wish to. Keep an eye on the majority of people as to how do they respond to your logo. If it is going against your logo, be sure to make the changes accordingly.


Multiple and repetitive surveys across the globe have shown that a logo is the first thing that comes into the mind of people when they sense something about the brand. But then to design an intuitive and understandable logo you will have to consider a lot of things. It takes a lot of resources, experience, knowledge, and skills to develop a convincing logo. And it isn’t a new thing where the question of creating a logo becomes an overwhelming task- especially for the newer brands.


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