3 Latest Technologies Influencing The World Of Sports

Technology is transforming the way we experience the world. Throughout history, humanity has constantly been at the forefront of new, innovative technological ideas. Steve Jobs, with his invention of the Macintosh computer, changed the way we engage with each other and with our work, as well as with life in general. Continuing today, people like Elon Musk are transforming our experience of the world from the cars we drive to the way our brains work and think. Technology is always changing and developing as new ideas and inventions are brought forward. The sports betting world is an example of the ever-present transformation that is possible through technology, with the industry now available to virtually everyone in the world through means of easy-to-access tech.

Incredibly, the sporting world has also seen a few technological leaps forward, so much so that it’s become difficult to not incorporate the use of technology as a means of strategy and insight. We’ve compiled a list of 3 of the latest of these technologies influencing the world of sports right now, with many more expected as the inevitable march to the future continues.

Artificial Intelligence

The role of Artificial Intelligence in sports is constantly and speedily increasing and has already made a massive impact on the way data is captured in sports overall, as well as among players. The development of wearable technology for athletes has profoundly changed the way trainers and coaches manage athletes’ training regimes and player developments. The data captured in this technology, such as heart rate, breathing, weight distribution, and other health indicators, allows players to review their physical performances and how their body handles certain situations, which in turn helps them to identify where they can improve and what the best course of action would be for their trainers and coaches going forward, with the ultimate goal of maximising their physical performance.

Not only is Artificial Intelligence improving athletic performance, but it’s also enhancing other factors in the sports world such as fan experience, betting, and general sports analysis. All of which are huge impactors on the overall sporting industry and its success globally.

In Focus: VAR In Soccer

VAR, which stands for Video Assistant Referee, has been making waves in the soccer world since its first mainstream introduction into European leagues during the 2017/2018 season. Essentially, this technology provides referees with the option to stop play and head to a monitor to review goals, fouls, or other plays that need a second look in order to make a fair and correct call. While this sounds good in theory, it’s divided soccer fans all over the world, with some saying that it’s only disrupting the flow of the game and takes away the entertainment factor, while others say that it’s eliminating unfair decisions that go against teams and creating a more fair and honest game overall.

Both arguments have valid points, but one thing is for sure – this technology has definitely influenced the beautiful game. Whether that’s for better or worse is up to you. Outside of VAR, other technologies have been introduced to the game of soccer that have made the referee’s job easier and influenced how the game is played. Goal-line technology and 360-degree cameras are two examples that have seen more accurate calls come into play and helped the game play out in a more fair and equal way.

Blockchain And Sports NFTs

Very few technologies have taken the sports world by storm like blockchain technology. This innovative technology has provided sporting organisations and leagues with lucrative opportunities to monetize their fan base and increase fan engagement. One such way that blockchain is doing this is by the use of NFTs or ‘Non-Fungible Tokens’. These tokens, consisting of audio, video, or images of memorable sporting moments in history, are available for fans to purchase and then claim sole ownership of by a digital signature that attests to the uniqueness of the token.

Essentially a digital form of classic sports cards, sports NFTs are changing the ways that fans experience and interact with the teams they support, as well as increasing the profits of these clubs and increasing fan loyalty and engagement at the same time. For example, at the beginning of the 2021/22 NBA season, the Toronto Raptors organisation announced the sale of NFTs through their website. These tokens acted as digital keys that unlocked different fan experiences like a Zoom call with team alumni, or an on-court practice session with the players.

Final Thoughts

As the world becomes increasingly digitalised, the sporting industry will continue to develop and integrate new technologies and innovations into its offerings for fans. The march to the future continues, and the only way seems to be up from here. The biggest question becomes, then, whether or not you’ll hop on for the ride or not.


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