3 Reasons Motion Graphics Help Designers Ace Their Game

Nowadays, visual media consumption has increased multifold with all sorts of people jumping in to show their talent through short reels. Many have resorted to using motion graphics to weave a story that catches the imagination of the viewers. Websites are uploading more intricate graphics as a result of higher Internet speeds. Expert motion graphic designers are in demand because their skills are popular when considered alongside the appeal of movies, television, and newscasts. 

Motion graphics as a career option

There has never been a greater need for motion graphics designers. Motion graphics are increasingly being used in more jobs and projects. While it is possible to study motion graphics techniques through free platforms, formal programs led by professionals in the field will provide you with unmatched advantages. You will have the best odds of breaking into the field and exacerbating demand for your skills if you have course credits on your resume. Motion graphics designers can work for a studio or work as freelancers who can get paid a good amount per gig. 

Here are a few career options that creative individuals with motions graphics skills can excel in:

  1. Motion Graphic Designers
  2. Animation video producer
  3. Advertising and marketing consultants
  4. Visual effects director

Skills required for motion graphics designers

Motion graphics are tools that can be best used for storytelling. This brings one to the basic skills of story ideation and script writing. Once the story is conceptualized, a motion graphics designer can draw down the elements that are intended to be used to bring out the best effect for the end-to-end video. The following skills can be a differentiator for a motion graphics designer:

  • Design skills

Whether a person is good at drawing or not, learning basic skills to design different shapes is critical for any motion graphics artist. Lines, triangles, circles, and other geometric patterns can be used to create people, buildings, cars, airplanes, and hoards of other objects that will be a part of the storyboard. 

These fundamental skills can be overwhelming for people who feel they are not artistic. Nevertheless, attending a graphics design course can help one use basic geometric patterns to create assets. These assets can be improvised further using motion graphics apps. 

  • Editing

Motion graphics and video editing go hand in hand. You will be expected to work as both a motion graphics and video editor if you work for a small business or social media entrepreneur. A person’s ability to entice the audience with the desired outcome through powerful storytelling largely depends on crisp editing. 

Depending on the objective the editing may involve engagement or persuasion to buy a product through explainer videos. A talented video editor understands how to appeal to viewers at various levels.

Reasons to choose motion graphics as a career option

Consistent demand

This is one field where the demand is above the supply consistently. There is always demand for talented motion graphic designers. If the administrative skills of the person also match the design and execution part, then one can think of forming a studio and catering to advertising business needs for clients. 

There is no dearth of opportunities as everyone wants to connect their companies with their audiences, from large brands to small and medium-sized businesses. The employment of motion graphics artists in virtually every business, including banking, insurance, gaming, and the film industry, presents you with a wide range of prospects.

Flexible career options

Motion graphic designers are creative individuals and are given the freedom to work from locations that are conducive for jamming and ideation that lead to some great work. The right person can either freelance, work for a studio, or as an in-house graphic designer for brands. 


Motion graphics are part of an industry that is always reinventing new and better tools to reach out to consumers and audiences. The demand for content consumption is at dizzying levels and is set to continue with more platforms competing to allow users to come up with new trending ideas to influence and engage audiences. It is giving designers more opportunities to grow as branding experts. 


If you are in the creative field and love to express your ideas through quirky methods, then you can try including motion graphics skills as an arsenal in your skill-sets portfolio to move up the ladder of your career. 


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