3 Things You Might Need To Start Your Own Cannabis Cooking Show

If you’ve ever considered starting your own cooking show, you’re definitely not alone. From past Food Network competitions to current Masterchef hopefuls, thousands of Americans aspire to culinary excellence. But, to truly stand out, you’re going to need to find a niche. That’s why many individuals are now considering cannabis cooking shows.

To the untrained eye, cooking with cannabis might seem as simple as dropping THC oil into a sauce or using cannabutter in everything—though that’s a completely valid way to start your culinary experimentation. However, different strains, blends, and extraction methods yield different THC levels, potencies, flavors, and aromas, all of which are critical for developing a balanced, flavorful cannabis-enriched meal.

If you’re ready to get on the road to cannabis cooking stardom, you’ll need some tips. Whether you’re trying to learn more about grow lights so you can develop unique strains and flavor profiles, or you’re trying to find cannabis-friendly content platforms, here’s what you need to know.


Grow your own when possible.

If you’re learning how to start your own cannabis cooking show, you want to ensure that you’re a certifiable marijuana master, ganja guru, or hemp historian. To understand how different strains build complex flavors and richness within your dishes, you need to understand the precise art of growing marijuana plants. While you can use dispensary marijuana for many recipes (especially since prominent strains are easier for your audience to find), home-grown strains create one-of-a-kind culinary experiences that you can highlight in your content. If you grow your own cannabis from unique Gelato 41 seeds, you can enrich your food with an amazing ice cream flavor that is a combination of the chocolate mint flavor of Girl Scout cookies with berries and citrus notes of the Sunset Sherbet. 

To start, you’ll want to pick up the best grow lights and indoor garden bulbs you can find. While you don’t need to create your own cannabis farm, you want lights that can sustain a few healthy plants. Then, you’ll want to ensure you have a grow room where you can optimize the conditions. This means that you’re able to adjust temperature and light with ease. Finally, with time, patience, and a bit of experimentation, you’ll craft home-grown strains that enhance your confections.


Produce video content.

If it’s your first time developing videos, don’t pressure yourself to produce Viceland-level content. You’ll probably be working with a limited setup and may not have the resources, access to natural sunlight, or light source options that more established shows do. For starters, you’ll probably want to establish a YouTube page or a TikTok presence. TikTok is a recent favorite for many bite-size recipes, cooking videos, and informational cannabis vlogs.

While there are no wrong ways to produce content, you’ll quickly find that it helps develop your own rhythm. Then, choose a content schedule that works for your lifestyle and know when it’s okay to skip an upload or take a break. Content oversaturation can be a red light for many social platforms, anyhow.


Find a compatible content platform.

To truly succeed with your cannabis cooking show, you’ll want to learn the ins and outs of various content platforms. While you could go out and make a YouTube channel relatively quickly, it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with alternatives and cannabis-friendly video sites. These days, there are even platforms that host cannabis food competitions where contestants incorporate dispensary products and oils to create edibles, confections, and entrees. So do a bit of extra research to find a content platform that won’t be offended by your indoor plants or your THC oils.

From cannabis beginners to culinary veterans, anyone can have their own food show highlighting their favorite greens and potency. Even if you’re carving out a small space in your house or finding the right light for your plants, you can take small steps to turn your cannabis food show dreams into a lasting reality. And who knows? That show could spin off into vegan cookbooks, dispensary partnerships, and a durable career.


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