3 Types And Perks Of Weft Extensions You Should Know About

Hair loss and volume decline are two primary hair problems most women face today. Multiple reasons like hormone variation, ageing, medical conditions can impact hair loss in an individual. Though most people switch to cosmetic treatments and hair growth therapy, these concepts aim at long-term hair growth, can be time-consuming and have their results delayed. However, modernisation in the field has made artificial hair extensions practically possible. Hair extensions come in a range of hues to match your hair colour. For instance, Weft hair extensions get sewn onto your original hair evenly to avoid any discrepancies being evident.

Common Hair Extension Types

Recent research says wrong hairstyles are the major cause of hair loss in women. Thus, choosing the right extension type is also highly significant. The prime classification you will find with hair extensions is virgin and non-virgin hair. Virgin hair refers to natural hair extensions. They have never been treated with dyes or any other agents. On the other hand, non-virgin hair might have artificial agents or colours infused into them. When it comes to application and insertion, you will find three types. They are,

1. Clip-in extensions

Clip-in hair extensions come either as multiple hair strands or a bundle, with each strand having a clip attached to it. The application is effortless and instant. All you will have to do is clip the base onto your natural hair, and, hola, you are ready! Clip-on hair extensions come under the best non-permanent extension option as they are removable. However, one main downside of clip-in extensions is that sometimes the clips may stop working or be visible, indicating that you have added artificial hair.

2. Tape-in extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are very similar to clip-on extensions. The only difference is that these hair extensions come with tape on either side so that they can get attached to your natural hair. To have them aligned and prevent mismatches due to the underlying glue, sometimes these extensions get treated with heat so that the tape glue affixes at the right spot. However, regular heating sessions can cause damage to your roots and prevent natural hair growth.

3.Sew-in/weft extensions

This type of hair extension is generally weaved onto your natural hair. Also known as weft extensions, sew-in hair best suits those expecting thicker and voluminous hair. Though the weaving session at your hairdresser can cost you some time, it can last for around four months without affecting your hair’s natural growth.

Benefits Of Weft Extensions

Amidst the three hair extension types, weft hair extensions are the best semi-permanent option and also come with versatile benefits over the other choices. Here are some best benefits out of the masses,

1. Protects your natural hair

Though you decide to add extensions to your natural hair, it is necessary to make sure that your hair remains undamaged. While choosing extensions, ensure that you do not have to compromise on your hair’s integrity. With weft extensions, you can avoid all types of damages other extensions can create. For instance, weft extensions keep your hair away from harmful heat treatments or conditioners you rather use to smoothen your original hair.

2. Does not hinder hair growth

Since you are not adding adhesives or metal clips onto your hair with weft extensions, you maintain your natural hair the way it is. And that’s the reason weft extensions do not interfere with your natural hair’s growth.

3. Keeps your hair strong and safe

Weft hair extensions do not cause hair breakage as they only involve weaving or braiding. Also, since braiding can promote hair growth, this hair extension type keeps your hair durable and safe underneath.

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