4 Benefits of Living in a Golf Course Community

Florida is home to more golf courses than any other state in the country. The state has more than 1,400 courses and more than 106 golf communities.

If you are moving to — or even just looking for a new home in — the Sunshine State, one of these a good deal of beautiful golf course communities may be the perfect place for you. There are many benefits to calling these communities home, including:

1. The courses: Of course, one of the best features of these communities is the golf itself. These courses are typically intricately planned. Take Fiddler’s Creek golf course in Naples, Florida. This course, designed by Arthur Hills, offers a premier golf experience for enthusiasts and novices alike and was designed to enhance the dramatic beauty of Southwest Florida’s natural habitat. You might also discover some communities that use top-notch technology, such as the Garmin R10 golf simulator, to continue their golfing indoors amid the bad weather. In addition, you often get the first choice of the tee time you want as a perk of being a resident of the community.

2. Attention to every detail: Golf course communities are typically meticulously planned, with every detail given a lot of attention. Fiddler’s Creek Aubrey Ferrao, for example, traveled the world to look for the right marble and high-end finishes for many of his communities.

3. Great resale value: You may never want to leave your golf course community, and that would be understandable. But, should you be inclined, you should have no trouble putting your home on the market. Resale values for these homes are typically excellent and highly sought after. The value is strong because of the view, the amenities, and the overall atmosphere of the community.

4. Social life: The amenity-driven nature of these communities means there are typically a lot of people out and about in golf course communities. This makes it easier to be social and for you to make friends with neighbors.


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