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4-door Wardrobes Open A World Of Options – Check Them Out

Opening one’s wardrobe is much like the experience of the ‘Chronicles of Narnia’. You find yourself in a fantasy land of all clothes, accessories, valuables, fragrances that can transport you back to a time immemorial or a different world. With so many things to store and many more yet to purchase (who are we kidding, it’s bound to happen), it’s important to get a wardrobe that’s not just big in size but is a smart investment when it comes to using and aesthetics. While purchasing one may seem like a no-brainer, with brands like Wakefit offering smart solutions, it’s absolutely important to consider factors that ensure your individual needs are met when investing in significant bedroom furniture like a wardrobe. So, before you get lost in the dark doors, let us guide you with some smart options to check out before you invest.

But first! There are two factors to consider before choosing a wardrobe that’s best suited for you.

     1)  Design and space:

Take account of how much space you have in your current room to include a wardrobe. Whether you want a brand new one or just want to add to the existing wardrobe design, it’s important to take correct measurements of how much space you have. This is one of the deciding factors that’ll help narrow down your options. It’s also worth considering the design elements of the room. For example, are you going for something sleek and compact, or don’t you mind going all out?

    2)  Current requirement:

Know the exact reason why you want to change your wardrobe. Is it for more storage solutions for your blazers? Or is it to store valuables that need to be locked away? Ascertaining your ‘why’s will help you choose the best option from the list.

Enter the World of 4 Door Wardrobe Designs

Everybody wants storage, and the bigger, the better. However, with the limited space available in city apartments, it can be a real challenge to fit in the traditional wooden wardrobe our parents or grandparents may vouch with their life and hand down. Today, even if you needed a 4 door wardrobe, it need not gulp away all your space and can be compact, neat and durable too. Check out the many options below that’ll tempt you to turn knobs and peek inside.

  • Engineered Wooden Wardrobes

The beauty of using wood for your wardrobe material is that it not only has a traditional charm to it but also proves to be durable too.  Many industry pioneers use engineered wood that allows for various options in compact storage furniture. Using this type of wood has the benefit of being termite resistant, so durability is never an issue. Having 4 doors on these wardrobes gives plenty of space for different types of storage, whether hanging, folding or even choosing storage accessories like baskets to tuck away items. Engineered wooden wardrobe online has a simple, classic and clean finish that makes them a timeless option in all bedroom styles. Plus, it’s easy to dismantle and move around too.

  • 4 Door Wooden Wardrobes with Mirrors

Too small a room? Why not give an instant facelift using mirrors that can naturally make the room look larger and brighter? Use mirrors on wardrobe doors that can reflect natural light from windows.  Not only does it look aesthetically pretty, but it saves space, not having to keep a full-length mirror separately or have a dressing area. Play around with the shapes of the mirror to create a beautiful design.

  • Wardrobes with Drawers

4 door wardrobes have plenty of space inside for you to organise any item that needs to be tucked away. Whether it is to hang your suits or fold your blouses in colour code, there’s plenty of space to accommodate every type of clothing, accessory and valuable. Some brands like Wakefit include drawers in their designs that make it even more useful, allowing you to ‘Marie Kondo’ fold your socks and undergarments. Roll and tuck it away!

  • Sliding 4 Door Wardrobes

With no knobs to pull, this type of wardrobe saves on much-needed space with its sliding door mechanism. As the name suggests, slide the wardrobe door to access space inside and not worry about the closet door taking additional space to open. Best suited for rooms with a contemporary style, these add to the décor while offering plenty of storage solutions. Play with colours on these wardrobe doors using bright, vibrant colours like orange and beige that’ll instantly lift moods.

  • Customised Storage in 4 Door Wardrobes

While making a wardrobe from scratch can be a difficult task and prove to be expensive (craftsmanship and labour costs included), why not customise the storage inside a pre-made 4 door wardrobe using storage accessories? Use smart organisers like acrylic dividers, woven pull-out baskets, velvet hangers, etc., to maximise internal storage use. Further customise using hooks that can hang ties, scarves, bags, jewellery inside the wardrobe. Feel free to add and remove racks to adjust to your personal storage needs.

  • Success in Details

If you thought wardrobes are like a big elephant in the room, sitting in a corner awkward- think again! No matter what material or type, a 4 door wardrobe is a perfect canvas to design as per your taste. Pick colours like dark brown, Napa Oak, Columbia Walnut to give a natural nutty colour scheme. Brands like Wakefithave a range of colours that give an excellent finish to the wardrobe, making it stand out rich in a bedroom. Then, top up the style element by changing the knobs to ceramic knobs rich in design and colour. These unique handles instantly add a burst of colour and personality.

The design doesn’t have to be expensive. Instead, it must be practical, fit within budget and must evoke a sense of comfort. Explore the many options offered by brands like Wakefit in 4 door wardrobes as they not only are stylish but tick all other important factors like storage options, colour schemes, affordability and most of all, are easy to clean and maintain. 

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