4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Credit Card Reader

There are many reasons why you should invest in a credit card reader. Lower processing fees, increased fraud detection, and less risky borrowers are just a few. But there are many more reasons to consider as well. Listed below are the four reasons you should invest in a credit card reader. Once you understand these benefits, you can make a wise financial decision. Are you interested in investing in a credit card reader?

Lower processing fees

Using a credit card reader to accept payments will allow you to charge customers less for each transaction. Processing fees for card-present transactions are usually lower than card-not-present transactions. When a customer uses a credit card reader to pay for their purchase, the merchant pays only about 1.75% to 2.9%. This is significantly less than keyed-in transactions, subject to higher interchange fees. Lower processing fees with a credit card reader can make a difference in your bottom line.

Many service providers have minimum monthly transaction requirements that you must meet before paying the minimum fees. If you do not meet these standards, additional charges will be applied to your account. It is best to check with the service provider to see how much each transaction costs. Some service providers offer discounts for higher volumes, while others only allow small businesses to use their card readers. To avoid these high fees, look for a credit card reader that will enable you to accept credit cards.

Improved fraud detection

Researchers have developed sophisticated credit card fraud detection algorithms during the last three years. Researchers from a leading bank have developed an open-source library for automated feature extraction. They also used an extensive dataset of 900 million transactions with granular information on transaction locations, amounts, and times. This information enables fraud detection models to be created based on data collected from actual transactions. This research has significant implications for credit card companies and businesses.

The algorithms that enable fraud detection are based on machine learning. Machine learning is a subset of AI and resembles the brainpower of human beings. With enough data, computers can identify patterns and predict the number of sales for an entire year. A credit card reader can even identify when an actan actual customer makes a transactionight data. These machines can also learn to anticipate the future of a product by predicting sales volume.


Whether you use a swiper or a card reader depends on the type of transaction you conduct. You should find out if the credit card reader supports EMV technology and whether it can accept payments using NFC. If so, you’ll save money by getting more cards at once. But before you invest in a credit card reader, it’s helpful to know how much it will cost you to process a specific type of transaction.

Government regulations

Payment card networks are required to honor the payment methods accepted at the point of sale. The rules do not exempt reloadable prepaid cards or small issuer debit cards from this requirement. Also, payment card networks are prohibited from hindering merchant routing and inhibiting payment methods from a competing network. The government has taken steps to ensure that merchants can be assured of the safety of their customers and the security of their credit card data.

The FTC is a government agency that prevents unfair business practices and provides businesses with resources to ensure that they follow the law. In addition, the government has other agencies that enforce the Dodd-Frank Act’s provisions, such as new debit card interchange fees. For example, the Federal Reserve Board is responsible for overseeing national banks, while the Office of Comptroller of the Currency regulates state member banks and nonmember thrifts.


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