4 Tips For Increasing E-Commerce Sales Through SEO

In 2019, e-commerce sales grew by a massive 14.9% in the US. In the following year of 2020, the number of worldwide online shoppers grew by 2 billion people. This number corresponds to 25% of the world’s population.

There is a great deal of room for growth in the e-commerce arena. Although e-commerce has existed for quite some time, beginning with Amazon in 1994, there is still a massive organic growth opportunity.

Businesses in Sydney can kick up their SEO Sydney game plan by hiring experts.

How does SEO impact Sydney audiences?

Your Sydney audience is online 24/7. Activities they engage in include email, web browsing, and banking. They are active in e-commerce and making purchases. Therefore, it is crucial to improve your SEO Sydney strategy. Connect with this demographic who has incredible spending power and provide them with premium information.

  1. Build brand awareness via non-branded keywords

SEO can introduce your brand to audiences looking for solutions that you can offer. Therefore, you have the potential to increase your market share. These customers will begin to use branded queries.

Sydneysiders are online and on the hunt for high-quality content to provide them with information about products and services. Residents of Sydney are part of the nearly 20 million active Aussie users online. Professional SEO services deals with an increasing online presence and customer visibility.

  • Target all levels of the conversion funnel via SEO

Many digital marketing channels will only be targeting one or two funnel stages. Social media will be targeting audiences in the awareness phase. But when it comes to the decision phase, social media might fall short. Paid search is the opposite. It is highly efficient in the purchase and consideration phase but can be weak at reaching out to new customers who are still at the top of the conversion funnel.

But SEO is strong in all three phases of the funnel. You can segment and optimize your keyword research for each of the three marketing funnel phases.

  • Always factor in long-tail keywords

More than 50% of search queries are long-tail keywords. Therefore, you should never leave out long-tail keywords in your marketing strategy to expand your search audience. These specific queries have much lower competition. It is laser-focused. It would help if you incorporated a content strategy to strengthen your net with every post. Before you know it, you will be ranking for thousands of unique searches.

  • Consider what is popular using Google trends

Even the most sophisticated keyword research tools will struggle to contextualize the data they share. Keywords with massive search monthly volume may have already reached their peak popularity. Alternatively, a low-volume keyword may be on the rise. Keywords experience seasonal surges, which can impact your SEO efforts. Therefore, use Google trends as part of your keyword research by finding hidden terms that SEO tools do not check.

Brisbane’s residents who are active on social media where SEO is crucial is on the rise. Overall social media engagement in Australia, including Brisbane, increased by up to 80% between 2015 and 2021.

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