4 Top Brands That Have Enviable IR Websites

Your investor relations website is an opportunity to showcase your unique brand and demonstrate your distinctive investment opportunity to the Street. But sometimes, it’s worth paying attention to the competition.

By looking at the best IR websites for inspiration, you can discover how the pros leverage good, old-fashioned storytelling with world-class design. You’ll know what to expect from an investor relations firm when they build a new IR website for your company.

Top Brands That Made a Big Difference by Updating Their IR Sites

Here are some of the top brands that have knock-out sites. Keep reading for a quick rundown on what they achieved with good content and design.


As Etsy grew in popularity as an investment opportunity, the global online marketplace for crafts desperately needed a website that could stand up under such scrutiny. Etsy partnered with a top IR web consulting agency to create an investor relations site that both captured its meteoric rise on the Street and left room for the brand to grow.


With more than 50 years in business, Wendy’s has a long-established presence as a fast-foodchain in the US and around the world. Five decades is a long time to collect dust, which is why its IR team knew the brand needed a critical redesign. By partnering with one of the top IR firms, Wendy’s updated its brand to the 21st century, making it look like a fresh, new opportunity to the Street.

EA — Electronic Arts

Game developer Electronic Arts Inc., better known simply as EA, launched a new IR site that increased engagement by 70%. EA unlocked this impressive achievement by investing in a website that married design with function. Not only did it reflect the company’s gamer brand, but it also delivered critical information in an easy, engaging way.

Good Energy

The UK’s leading renewable energy suppliers Good Energy performed a top-down redesign of its IR website while keeping some best practices in mind. In particular, its IR team focused on site architecture to make way for better browser navigation. The result? A 317% improvement in web engagement.

What Do These Brands Have in Common?

An online marketplace, fast food chain, game developer and green energy supplier don’t have much in common on the surface. But these companies all managed to transform old, tired IR design and create websites that grab investors’ attention and drive user behavior.

While their businesses may look nothing alike, their websites focus on these mission-critical details:

  • World-Class Design: A website must look as good as it performs. Otherwise, browsers will click away when a company relies on outdated or glitchy design.
  • Attractive Storytelling: Your website is an opportunity to communicate your unique brand and investment vision with each visitor. Strong storytelling can help you shape your brand’s narrative in a way that drives engagement.
  • Global Resonance: Scaling your message to global visitors will help set your company apart from the competition. This goes for any financials and information you must share for the sake of compliance.
  • Accessibility: Curating your online presence for visitors of all walks of life will increase your brand’s reach. Your site should meet WCAG and ADA compliance requirements.
  • Analytics: On the backend, you should expect your site to do the heavy lifting for you. Make sure your site offers fully integrated analytics you can leverage into precision targeting.

Bottom Line:

There’s no harm in checking in on the competition. In fact, a peek at the best IR websites can help propel your business forward. Remember these details from above when you redesign your site. They’ll help you capture browsers’ attention and convert visitors into investors.


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