4 ways to save money with weekly ads & flyers

Whether we purchase groceries or any other food material, we spend a lot of money every month. That’s why grocery shopping is considered as one of the major expenses of the house. And to cut down our hefty bills, we ultimately look for substitutes or alternatives and settle for cheaper but low-quality items. Although we always think about saving a little more every month, it requires proper planning and management. 

In this article, we will share ways to save on your next grocery shopping with Tops Markets Weekly Ads. These Ads or flyers offer various deals and discounts to their customers. 

For example, you can enjoy deals like – buy one get one free, additional discount on online billing, 10-50% discounts, etc. Even a few grocery stores allow you to compare their price with other stores and offer you different amounts.

Ways to save money:

Saving on your grocery list can benefit you a lot. Many stores offer you the best possible deal, whether you buy groceries weekly, monthly, or even seasonally. So, if you are searching for Tops Markets Weekly Ads & flyers, keep reading further. 

Assessment of your monthly intake will control your unrequired purchases. Also, you can

lists down items that are essential to you. Because what usually happens is, we buy necessary but mostly unnecessary products. Why? Either we like the product’s packaging or try to satisfy immediate cravings. Therefore, it’s important to create a grocery shopping list and always stick to it. Below, we have shared various ways to apply while planning your next grocery shopping to save a little extra.

  1. Never visit the store when hungry:

It is scientifically proven that when we visit grocery stores on empty stomachs, we usually buy appealing products even if we do not require them. Therefore, to control unnecessary purchases, it’s recommended to eat before visiting the store. Also, prepare a list and stick to it. 

  1. Plan your grocery shopping as per season sale:

While planning your grocery list, always consider what’s in season or put on sale for that specific week or month. Many grocery stores conduct annual sale schedules as well. Identify these sale schedules on WeeklyTops Markets Ad and create your list accordingly. Also, consider seasonal fruits and vegetables to stay healthy and cut down your grocery bill. 

  1. Keep a check on Ads:

These days each and every store introduces ads and flyers. Stores come up with a bundle of deals and offer through them. Mostly they provide heavy sales or combo deals on various products and mention them in their ads. You just need to type – Weekly Ads in your google search, and you will get great deals and offers on Tops Market Store. 

  1. Buy in bulk :

Last but not least, buy in bulk. After you have assessed your consumption, then buy your daily essentials in bulk. It will help save your time and money every week, plus you will never run out of your basic grocery items. In addition, you can enjoy different deals and offers on bulk purchasing.


So, these were a few sure-shot ways you can apply while visiting your grocery store. Hopefully, this piece of article has helped you to plan your groceries more efficiently. In addition, we recommend you to consider the Tops Markets Weekly Ads for more personalized assistance and plenty of combos, deals, or offers. Happy Shopping! 

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