5 Best Breitling Watches for Any Watch Lover

Even With the presence of smartphones, laptops, and clocks, there would still be instances when you don’t know the time of the day. It is then the importance of a wristwatch comes in. It is a functional timekeeping tool that will not only help you keep track of the hours and minutes but also improve your overall appeal. This timeless accessory has the power to tell people about your style, personality, and pay grade. You no longer have to utter any word to create a first good impression because it will do all the talking for you. 

If you love finer things in life, you might want to consider buying yourself a Breitling watch. It can demonstrate a sense of self-confidence which is necessary when attending business meetings. Besides that, it can convey power and a sense of fulfillment that ordinary watches can’t provide. Below are some of the best watches from the brand available for sale today. However, the swiss watch brands industry is as vast as it is complex, with different brands with varying specialities producing watches of every category

  1. Navitimer A17326161C1P1

Breitling continuously provides watches with unique looks and features, just like the Navitimer A17326161C1P1. Who would have thought that blue and brown would look great together? The blue face of the watch is paired with a brown band that looks surprisingly chic. It consists of white indexes to contrast the bold colors which resulted in a less intimidating timepiece. This watch has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal on the stainless steel case which will save it from signs of wear and tear. The manufacturer made it large enough to fit the wrist size of most men. The Caliber 17 is the reason why the watch can tell the time accurately. To own this watch model, you have to pay $3,449.

  1. Superocean Heritage A201C-1OCA

This watch is proof that the brand is creating vintage-inspired watches the right way. It is one of the best releases that even sold out in an instant without an aggressive marketing strategy. The blue dial with white hands and indexes can stand out in a crowd. Other people will instantly assume that you have a high pay grade because of how luxurious your watch is. In terms of the movement, it is automatic, meaning it would not need much effort and much to maintain its quality. With its presence, the watch can survive underwater activities so long that its depth is not over 200 m. The stainless steel measures 42 mm in diameter and 14 mm in height, making it a perfect accessory for men. You can experience all the benefits that it can offer if you order it now for as low as $3,769.

  1. Avenger V1711AT/BD74

The bold and flawless design of this timepiece highlights the love of the brand for innovation. It combined class and elegance to produce this watch. The all-black appearance allows it to fit in any kind of occasion no matter how casual or informal. It contains a masterfully crafted black dial with luminous indexes and hands. Aside from that, it features a small red box at the 3 o’clock position showing the date of the month. When you check the date of the month using your phone while working, you will end up navigating other applications like Facebook and Twitter. By having this wristwatch, your phone can no longer distract you because it also acts as a calendar. A beautifully sapphire crystal is engraved in the titanium case, making it extremely durable. Unfortunately, the case back is not transparent, so you can’t see the automatic movement with a 40-hour power reserve. Due to all its amazing price tags, it retails at $4,879. You can save up to 15% if you order from Watch Shopping.

  1. Chronomat AB0134101G1A1

The Chronomat AB0134101G1A1 is a great watch because its look is a combination of a pilot’s and diver’s style. It is a versatile timepiece that you can use in vigorous outdoor activities, but at the same time, it will look great when worn in formal events. It has a tachymeter scale surrounding the inside of the rotating bezel. Aside from that, the white dial contains three black and small circles which display the hour, minute, and second of the day. The indexes and hands are luminous, ensuring utmost legibility no matter the light condition. Since its target market is men, the case measures large enough for the watch to comfortably sit on its wrists. The transparent case back will lead to the Breitling caliber 01. It is automatic, which means that it is not high maintenance. 

  1. Transocean AB0510U4/BB62

The Transocean AB0510U4/BB62 is a very elegant and stylish watch. It has an impressive design that other brands can’t easily copy because of the complexity of the manufacturing process. It has an unmatched look made possible by its attractive black dial with a globe at the center. There are three smaller dials on top of the main dial, which consist of the hour, minute, and second hands. They are all luminous, allowing you to check the time even at night. The alligator leather band completes this masterpiece. The stainless steel case is responsible for preventing external elements from reaching the movement and dial. It measures 46 mm, which is relatively larger compared to other models in this collection. Since it contains sapphire crystal, scratches due to wear and tear would not be visible. Through the Caliber 05, this watch can consciously tell the time up to 70 hours. Its feature that professional divers would extremely love is the 100 m water resistance. 

In Conclusion

Breitling watches are aesthetically pleasing accessories that can improve your overall look. They are also highly accurate, so you will not have any problem when keeping track of the time. You have a wide range of options to choose from that vary in color, design, feature, and complication. The brand is one of the few manufacturers that is committed to researching to address the needs and demands of the modern market. 

After discovering some of Breitling’s best watches as well as the things that they can offer, you are probably considering buying one for yourself. You may order from to ensure that what you are about to receive is authentic. It is an online marketplace so you can access it through your phone with an internet connection!


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