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5 Home Improvements That Lower Your Bills

The cost of living is continuously rising sotrying to reduce your monthly bills is harder than ever. However, there are small improvements you can make that will drastically reduce your spending. For example, if you haven’t replaced your radiators in over 10 years, switching them out for a new column radiator can actually be more efficient. Newer radiators use less energy than those made as recently as the early 2000s!If you want more tips like this, keep reading and discover the home improvements you can make to lower your bills.

  1. Check Your Windows

The first thing to do if you want to save money on your bills is to check every window in your house. Can you feel any draft or cold coming in? If so, it’s probably time to replace them. Ensuring you have securely fitted, Bristol double glazing windows will keep the heat in and keep the cold out. Any small gap will mean the warmth you’ve built up from the radiator is escaping, and you’re letting the cold air in. This can force you to turn up your heating, costing you way more in the long run. You could also look at having low emissivity windows fitted as these are designed to let in less heat during the hotter seasons, and less cold during the colder ones. This allows you to keep your home at an optimum level without spending more on your energy bill.

  1. Energy-Saving Bulbs

One super easy change to make is to switch to energy-saving light bulbs. Not only do they cut down on the energy used to run them, but they can also last longer than traditional bulbs. Their brightness isn’t affected in the slightest and they are available in all different shapes and colours to suit all your needs. As lighting your home with bulbs is necessary, you may as well make a change that will help the environment and slash the cost of your monthly energy bill.

  1. Grow Your Own

Not only can you reduce your energy bill, but you can actually reduce your food shopping costs too. We buy food from the store as we don’t have it readily available at home, so why not try to make it so? Start growing your own vegetables if you have the space and if not, you can grow herbs in the window and other small plants. You’ll be surprised how much you can save when you already have over half the ingredients you need for dinner in the back garden.

  1. Modernise Your Appliances

A lot of older appliances in the home can use a lot more energy to run. For example, your fridge is on 24/7 so switching to a newer version can significantly reduce the amount of energy you use day-to-day. Your energy bill is one of the easiest ones to control and reduce, so spending a little on a new appliance will actually save you more money in the future.

  1. Add More Insulation

When heat is pushed out into the air from radiators, it rises up throughout the house. So, most of the warmth you generate throughout the day is pushed up into the attic. A lot of homes don’t have adequate insulation in the attic, and this can cause drastic heat loss. This then means you spend more money as you crank the radiators right up, only for the heat to leave your home as soon as it gets high enough. Try adding more insulation to the higher parts of your house and you won’t need to use as much energy to heat your home. Using less energy means you spend less, so you’re not just kept warm and toasty, but you’ll save money too!

Reducing your monthly bills can seem like an impossible task and you might think you need to make loads of compromises to see results. However, this isn’t the case! Making home improvements here and there can considerably decrease your outgoings each month and allow you to save your hard-earned pennies.

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