5 Most Important Pieces in a Screwdriver Set

You can find all kinds of screwdriver sets on the market today, including precision sets, electrician’s sets, and magnetic sets. If you’re browsing for new sets for your trade business, there are a few important pieces to look out for.

Ensuring the screwdriver sets you buy include these five options will ensure your employees have everything they need to work comfortably, productively, and efficiently.

1. Flathead Screwdrivers

Flathead or slotted screwdrivers are some of the most common screwdriver varieties in Australia, making them a necessity for a vast range of jobs. They’re a simple, affordable option suitable for applications including:

  • Furniture construction
  • Household repairs
  • Electrical work (insulated varieties)
  • Automotive repairs

Many tradespeople also reach for flathead screwdrivers in a pinch when they need a nail-puller, paint-scraper, pry-bar or chisel. This versatility makes flathead screwdrivers an essential addition to any screwdriver set.

2. Phillips-Head Screwdrivers

Phillips-head screwdrivers are the other most popular screwdriver type used in Australia. Unlike slotted screws, which feature a single slot, Phillips-head screws have a cross-shaped divot in the head.

These types of screwdrivers are increasingly popular because they offer higher torque while reducing fatigue. They’re also a more comfortable choice for many tradespeople and technicians.

For extra variety, we strongly recommend choosing a screwdriver set with a few Phillips-head screwdrivers included.

3. ‘Stubby’ Screwdrivers

Stub or ‘stubby’ screwdrivers are small screwdrivers designed for reaching tight, awkward, or otherwise hard-to-access spaces. They’re useful when access to a screw is blocked by a wall or other object.

These screwdrivers have the ‘stubby’ name because they’re short, but not mini—the handle is still as wide as a typical screwdriver. Mini or precision screwdrivers, on the other hand, have much narrower handles.

You can find stubby screwdrivers in all varieties, including slotted, Phillips-head, Torx, and Robertson. Look for screwdriver kits including these little tools to make awkward jobs easier for your tradies.

4. Magnetic Screwdrivers

Magnetic screwdrivers have a magnetised shaft and tip, allowing them to securely hold onto steel screws, nuts, and bolts. These specialised tools reduce the risk of screws dropping and make it easier to line them up with the screw hole.

Many tradespeople also use magnetic screwdrivers to pick up screws from a box or bin, making them doubly useful.

5. Precision Screwdrivers

Precision or mini screwdrivers are useful for working with small objects, such as calculators, mobile phones, watches, and computers. They reduce the risk of damage to delicate equipment by eliminating the need to apply force—rather, the user simply needs to roll the handle between their fingers to loosen or tighten screws.

You can usually find standalone mini screwdriver kits, although some larger kits may include a mix of regular and precision screwdrivers. If your business builds or repairs small components, we highly recommend investing in a kit that contains these miniature screwdriver varieties.


To sum up, flathead, Phillips-head, stubby, magnetic, and precision screwdrivers are all fantastic additions to any screwdriver kit. Look out for these four essentials to ensure your workers have everything they need to get the job done.

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