5 Tips to Become a Singapore Permanent Resident

Are you an expatriate who dreams to become a permanent resident in Singapore? You would have already checked your eligibility and now, you’d love to hear valuable tips on how to increase your chances of PR application Singapore approval.

These tips we are to share, however, shouldn’t be translated as a shortcut in obtaining residency. Sadly, there are no shortcuts. But understanding these key factors would help you to have an edge over the increasingly competitive application process.

Below are the actions you can take for a smoother route:

  1. Lengthen Your Stay in the City-State

Your duration of stay in the city-state affirms your contribution to the economy. The contributions include but are not limited to taxes you pay when you work.

That is why there is a minimum requirement of six months of working experience in Singapore prior to submitting their application. The longer you stay, the more it tells how eager you are to be a part of the country’s economic growth. It also implies how interested you are in its rich culture, people, language, places, food, and so much more.

  • Launch a Business

If you are an entrepreneur, you can put up a business in order to make considerable contributions to the community. There are plenty of industry options – technology, wholesaling, retailing, marketing, finance, e-commerce, etc.

For instance, you choose to start a Digital door lock (Singapore) company. Most houses will need your product and services. So, you will need manpower to keep the business going. Now, you can provide jobs and internships for Singaporeans.

In this way, you can present yourself as an ideal candidate who has something more to offer in society.

  • Showcase Your Accomplishments

This is the right time to flaunt your recognitions, awards, and recommendations in your office or in your day-to-day life. Having these accolades speak about your talents and skills which can be of great contribution to the community.

So, if you still have none yet, strive to earn one. Seek promotions in your job position. Show a sense of leadership. Strategize methods that will positively impact the company you’re working at as a whole. Try to excel in your field for your PR application to stand out as well.

  • Apply with Your Family

If your spouse and/or kids are not permanent residents in the country, then this can be your advantage to apply as a family.

Applying under one unit can relay a message that you are indeed committed to sinking your roots here and that Singapore is an ideal society to educate your children and grow old here.

Since Singapore has an ageing population, bringing your whole family and together apply for PR would reduce the problem.

  • Join Local Events

Involving yourself in society is another way of resonating with your dedication regarding your relocation. Being active in charity events, community councils, cultural presentations, and even sports fests only manifest your willingness to blend harmoniously with the locals.

You can even offer sponsorships during an event. You can provide drinks for the participants if you are a wholesale drinks supplier, or provide slippers for less fortunate kids if you own a footwear shop.

Moreover, since this is a multi-racial, multilingual and multi-religious society, you have to learn and understand its diversity. You have to mingle, enjoy, and be at peace with the surroundings to attest your compassion to everyone in Singapore.


“How can I increase my chances of getting PR in Singapore?” These are the questions of many applicants. And if you are one of them, you certainly have to prepare yourself to become an ideal candidate by staying longer in Singapore, boosting your social and economic contribution, presenting your awards and recognitions, applying under a family scheme, and being socially active.

ICA receives a large number of applications annually so your application for permanent residency in Singapore should stand out and these tips will help you in your journey.


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