5 Tips to Create the Best Subject Lines for Abandoned Cart Emails

There’s an awful lot going on online – sometimes too much. With so many distractions, your prospective customers can easily get lured away before they’ve completed their purchase. So, what can you do to get them back on track?

Abandoned cart emails are a proven way to convert abandoning users into paying customers, with around an 11% success rate. However, you’ll improve your chances considerably if you get that all-important subject line right. With that in mind, here are some tasty tips to help you write irresistible subject lines for your abandoned cart emails.

1. Keep it simple

With abandoned cart emails specifically, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to have success.  Research shows that rather than offering discounts or instilling a sense of urgency, subject lines that remind customers they have left something behind usually perform the best.

Abandoned cart emails with subject lines that are simple, direct, and to the point can increase your open rates. You can then use the body of your email to entice your customers to complete their purchases.

2. Less is more

As well as keeping things simple, when it comes to abandoned cart email subject lines, less tends to be more. Tightening up your email copy as much as possible and frontloading the subject line with the most important parts of your message makes it easy for recipients to get the gist of your message immediately.

While readers on a desktop computer typically see around 60 characters of your subject line, that drops to 30 characters for those using mobile devices. That’s why it’s worth trying to keep your subject lines to 30 characters or less if you can.

3. Add a sense of urgency

If your initial abandoned cart email is unsuccessful, you may choose to add a new tactic – urgency. This should be used carefully as you don’t want your customers to feel pressurized. However, something fact-based, such as ‘Your cart expires in 24 hours’, can have the desired effect.

When building a sense of urgency, don’t be vague and make sure customers know exactly how long they have to act. It’s also worth avoiding capital letters and other symbols that can look a lot like spam.

4. Incentives work

Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re getting a great deal? The idea that you could pay 20% less today for a product you very nearly bought a couple of days ago can be compelling, particularly if you’re marketing to price-conscious shoppers.

The key to successful incentive emails is to make it clear what you’re offering at the start of the subject line. You can also couple this with a sense of urgency to compel your customers to act: ‘Save 20% on your cart for 24 hours only’.

5. Personalize your message

Personalization is a tried and tested ecommerce technique that typically drives a 10 to 15% revenue lift. And these days, many customers expect it. You shouldn’t go overboard, but adding a little personalization can help you engage your customers, develop long-term relationships, and build trust.

When it comes to your subject lines, simply mentioning the shopper’s name or even referencing the products in their cart can make all the difference: ‘Emily, you forgot your new favorite jeans!’

These subject line tips can help you create abandoned cart emails that get opened and converted. Ultimately though, there’s no better way to improve the success of your emails than with testing. Seeing what works and what doesn’t, and then fine-tuning your messaging accordingly, is the surest way to squeeze every last drop of value from your emails.

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