5 Types Of Pants Every Man Should Grace His Closet With

When it comes to pants, it’s almost too tempting to get into a stylistic rut. Most mens pants rotations consist of jeans, shorts, and suit trousers, and although there is nothing improper with that, it doesn’t hurt to toss in the occasional surprise to keep things new and exciting.

There are many possibilities since a trouser style fits every price pocket, taste, and occasion in modern menswear. So, with that in mind, explored below are the essential varieties of trousers you should have in your closet:

Chinos: Although chinos are an acquired taste, you will quickly notice the benefits if you somehow get yourself to try on a pair of classic chinos. This loose-styled trouser is as comfy as it can get. Besides their a quick fix to swiftly elevate almost any pairing! They’re incredibly wonderful in summers because of their extra fabric, making them light and airy. Wide-leg chinos, understandably, work well as a part of a relaxed, casual ensemble. You can even combine them with sports jackets, baggy T-shirts, hoodies, and essential sneakers.

Cargos: Cargo trousers have made a stylish comeback and how! These multi-pocketed utilitarian pants were a sign that a guy had given up on fashion. Still, with everybody now advocating the trend, cargos appear to be officially hip once more. After all, they’re functional comfy and add another variant to your trouser stock. Pair your cargo with a collared shirt or a snug-fit pullover, and get ready to catch some eyeballs.

Jeans: Jeans are another go-to mens pants staple that is here to stay. You can wear your pieces of denim season after season, provided you keep the wash distressing and straightforward to a minimum. Because straight-cut jeans have a somewhat looser fit, dressing them is about striking the right balance between chic-classic. You can experiment with layers on top to provide depth and thickness, and your feet should be in sneakers or classic oxfords.

Joggers: A pair of comfy joggers are essential if you’re on a long road trip, running errands or simply lazing on the couch. Jersey joggers may not be the finest choice for exercising out, and however, when it comes to functionality, they’re unrivalled. Your possibilities for accessorising joggers are now more diverse than before because of the emergence of athleisure. Combine them with a basic crew-neck sweater, high-end shoes, and a blazer to dress them up. At its best, high-low dressing!

Formal Trousers: A man’s wardrobe would be incomplete without a pair of formal trousers. Tailored pants are necessary for the office or are carefully reserved for special social events. Consider fabric, shades, and fit while purchasing. The first two of these factors are subjective, but your pants’ fit is not. Length is another crucial factor to consider. You’ll be displaying much more socks if you go any lower. The only alternative is cropped trousers meant to be worn without socks. And remember to throw in a clean pair of shoes to complete your look.

Summing Up: Pants are the foundation upon which your entire look is built, and if they are ill-fitting, the ensemble will fall flat, even if you are donning the classiest of coats or boots. So do not forget the golden rule of paying particular attention to the fit when you go trouser shopping the next time!


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