5 Ways To Boost Team Productivity

Whether you’re in charge of a small company with just a few employees or a much larger one with hundreds, you will likely be looking for ways to boost team productivity.

To increase productivity, you must have a strong and dedicated team, but even the best teams may sometimes lag. Of course, the right technology tools, such as sales enablement software for your sales team or human capital management software to manage the complete employee lifecycle, play a significant role in productivity. However, you should always be on the hunt for ways to reinvigorate your workers and get them inspired.

Here are five ways to strengthen your company culture so that your team can create a rewarding work experience, lasting relationships, and a top-notch, highly productive workforce.

Team Building Virtual Games

Virtual games are fun, and in this generation of tech-savvy employees, virtual games are at the top of the list of team-building activities to enhance productivity. There are various virtual games, including scavenger hunts, classic game shows, virtual escape games, virtual painting workshops, and virtual murder mystery team-building games.

Nothing excites a team and gets their creative juices flowing like team-building games. A team activity, like virtual murder mysteries or even virtual painting workshops, can be a fantastic way to inspire your whole team and get them collaborating. An inspired team member is a productive one.

Get your team to rally together by solving a good who-dun-it murder mystery. These types of activities will encourage collaboration during a fun experience. Teams that play together, work well together, and will always be more productive as a result.

The benefit of virtual games is that you can play them at the office. Some games are geared toward improving skills that apply to the job. Other virtual games highlight the strengths or weaknesses already present so that the team member can identify and improve upon them.

In-Person Team-Building Games











Many in-person games can bring your employees together. They range from problem-solving skill games to scavenger hunts, office trivia games, to games just for fun like softball, volleyball, or bowling. Everyone can have a role, even if it’s just as a spectator.

Joining a bowling or softball league inspires team spirit that will carry over into the workplace, teaching and enhancing the benefits of working together to increase productivity. Engaging in a physical activity, especially during the work day, can inspire productivity and help people keep their minds sharp. This boost happens down to the cellular level, giving energy to the body and mind.

Fun Outings

A company picnic, movie night, or kayaking expedition are a few of the many fun outings you can set up that will bring your employees together on a social level. Be sure to pick something that everyone can enjoy so no one feels left out. Social interaction brings a team closer and nurtures a friendly atmosphere in the workplace. Studies suggest that happy employees are more productive by about 13%.

There are several great things to do for a workplace outing. Visiting a museum, going to a concert, miniature golf, a trip to the zoo or aquarium, going to the beach, seeing a theater production, or volunteering at a soup kitchen are popular examples

Lunch of the Week

Have a special luncheon served once a week for everyone to eat together. To make it even more interactive, assign groups to organize and provide lunch each week (on the company dime, of course). Each group will choose and plan the meal, fostering teamwork.

The benefit of team-building activities that take place at work is that more employees are likely to participate. Some employees will not be as interested in activities outside the workplace. Making everyone feel included will encourage them to feel like productive members of your team.

Arts and Crafts

Many establishments offer group lessons in painting, pottery, or other artistic endeavors. Or you could bring the instructor to the company with all the supplies needed for a fun experience that everyone can enjoy. Art activities are known to decrease stress, lower blood pressure, and enhance feelings of goodwill. Healthier, less stressed employees are more productive.

Another aspect of arts and crafts is for everyone to make something they can sell at a flea market or craft show. Take the money generated and purchase something special for everyone to enjoy at the office. This type of collaboration fosters similar traits in the workplace.

Team Building Activities Boost Productivity

Team building activities offer many benefits. They bring workers together, strengthening bonds of friendship of those with whom they spend significant hours of their lives.

Building team spirit helps to make the workplace atmosphere more enjoyable. When employees love their jobs, they are much more productive and are more likely to stick around for a long time.

Managers can use team-building activities to teach new skills, spark creativity, or just bring everyone together for fun and companionship. They are invaluable tools.

When setting up team-building activities, it’s best not to make them competitive. If employees benefit from working together rather than competing against one another, they will be more productive and perform better overall.

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