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5 Ways Web Design Impacts Customer Experience in San Antonio, TX

Offer excellent customer experience with Texas Web Design – your trusted web design company in San Antonio, TX.  Providing the best user experience is clearly the main goal of every web design project.

When user experience fails, the web design project isn’t a success.  When designing a website, an expert web designer always places the needs of the customer or the user as a priority.  Web design can create a great impact on the customer experience that can help achieve the marketing goals of any business that uses web design as a marketing strategy.

Many factors need to be considered when designing a website that will bring results.  Among the factors that are being considered that will impact customer experience include the website’s aesthetics and usability.  Let’s look into these factors in detail.

1. Appearance

Obviously, how your website looks will impact the thoughts and feelings of your users and eventually, impact their decision-making process.  What they see first when they land on your site will create the first impression.

The modern trends in web design 2022 for website appearance that will impact user experience include:

  • Responsive design: making your website function the same across all types of digital devices
  • Parallax scrolling: keeping your users engaged and reading even when there is an overlay of two visual elements on a page
  • Big, bold fonts: Sans-Serif typefaces are the best big, bold fonts that can make your content easier to read and will provide the most value to your users
  • Eye-catching “hero” images: the appealing summarizing visual representations that are associated with image champions related to your content
  • Multimedia: using images, videos, interactives, and other visual elements that are relevant and impactful to your brand and what you offer.  They make any content you publish on your site much more scannable, engaging, and enjoyable so that your users will stay on your web pages

2. Professionalism

Make sure that the impression you create when users go to your site is trust.  Users should be able to trust your brand for whatever products and/or services you offer.  Remember that your website represents who you are as a business.

Consider including these web design elements that increase professionalism on your site:

  • A culture page that exclusively showcases your values and principles and how your company deals with its daily operations.  
  • You can also show real photos of the people who work at your company.  These photos should reflect how happy and satisfied they are working with you. 
  • Another great addition to the culture page is customer results where you can publish the results of the products and/or services you offer.

3. Clarity

Create a web design that will improve how your users navigate through your site.  You should be able to provide a seamless experience which means that they should be able to locate or find what they are looking for.  

When they are able to immediately find the information they need, they will trust your brand more and continue engaging.  This means that you can lead them easier to convert and do what you expect them to do when they are on your site.  Consider using the well-known styles in navigation like the Breadcrumb navigation and the drop-down menu.

4. Load Time

It takes less than two seconds for users to lose interest in a site when the site will not load within that time.  Poor load time will directly impact user engagement.  When a user will need to wait for a page to load, they will choose to move on to the next site.

Reduce the time for your site to load by using minimal data and applying these web design principles:

  • Optimizing image sizes
  • Removing auto-play multimedia
  • Using white space

5. Conversions 

One of the main goals of quality web design is to increase conversions.  When a website will not affect the conversion goals of a business, there will be no use for the website.  The strategies in web design that directly impact conversion include:

  • Color
  • Simplicity
  • Human faces

Your website design can greatly influence the customer experience in a tremendous way.  When you are able to design your website considering the needs of your customers, applying these five ways that web design can impact customer experience, you will be more successful with your web design project.  Talk to experts in the industry like Texas Web Design – your trusted web design company in San Antonio, TX.


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