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Azad Kashmir is the best place for people who are looking for the best places to visit in 2021. This region is located in Pakistan and has a lot to offer. Visitors are always amazed by the natural surroundings and beautiful landscapes. The more you explore this place, the more you will fall in love. Azad Kashmir has a lot to offer, and everyone who has traveled to this place will tell you how fascinating it is. It is like paradise on the land of Pakistan, and it is estimated that around 500,000 guests visit this place to see its beautiful suburbs and serene scenery. Therefore, if you are a nature lover and you want to visit different places, it is time to add Azad Kashmir to your list of cities to see. Some of the sites and scenes that you need to see first are:

  1. Rawalakot

This is one of the first places to visit. It is a celebrated city in Azad Kashmir that is widely known for its incredible landscapes and hills. It is the district headquarter of the Poonch district and about 80 kilometers from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This implies that you can get to the region quickly and easily and see the different scenes and features. As it is a northern territory, it is recommended to visit in summer as guests are treated harshly in winter. There is so much to see in summer, and the thundering beauty is sure to please you. While driving or walking, don’t forget to visit the famous resorts of Tatta Pani, Sudhngalli, and Toli Pir, which are situated here.

  1. Kutton Upper Neelum

A tour of this region is incomplete without exploring the fascinating Kutton Upper Neelum. It is a region that is 82 kilometers from the capital, Azad Kashmir. It is always one of the first places people visit to see its beautiful landscapes, nature lovers love it for its magnificent views and the streams that swirl near the area. Azad Kashmir’s Tourism Department has built a rest house to please travelers touring the Neelum Valley and its adjoining locations.

  1. Patheka

This is the first city you will encounter upon entering the Neelum Azad Kashmir Valley. Widely known as the trading center of the Neelum Valley, a region is a place where tourists buy all the necessary items for the trip and daily use. There are plenty of restaurants and hotels near this town to accommodate you and your friends. As a business center, the city also offers many unforgettable valley landscapes. The gigantic mountains, the fascinating climate of the Neelum Valley, and the beautiful green meadows make guests love this region. The impressive trail to Patheka is surrounded by tall trees, a great place to visit and see.

  1. Arang Kel

This region is a smooth green little town located in Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir. It rises 8,379 feet above sea level. It appears as part of paradise on earth that is why it is referred to as the “Pearl of the Neelum Valley”. During the summer, you have the chance to see the hills full of horses, birds, and goats due to their rich vegetation. In winter, the clearings, huts, and rest houses are covered with hefty snow, which transforms the whole town into a snow-white castle.

  1. Sharda Neelum Valley

Sharda discovered about 136 km a long way from the vital city of Muzaffarabad and attracts travelers through its fantastic territory. Travelers love to stroll through the extravagant green meadows. In addition, Sharda guarantees a wealthy and natural home, which is a premium for the hearts of visitors when they visit the place once in their daily life. The Sharda Neelum Valley offers many rest homes for visitors.

  1. Banjosa Lake

Finally, there is Lake Banjosa which fills up like a seaside resort for travelers. It is nearly 20 km from Rawalakot and is 1,981 meters above sea level. One of the realities is that the lake is deceptively made and beautifully surrounded by a magnificent forest of thick green pine trees. Start planning your tour to Kashmir now and investigate everything that makes it more surprising to the tourist. Guests can never briefly separate their perspectives.

Final Verdict

If you enjoy camping, this region is the best to visit. It’s one of the perfect places in Pakistan that has more to offer. As it is a convenient place for sightseeing, there are many restaurants and hotels here. Arrange your next get-way here as you will be overwhelmed by the splendor of Azad Kashmir. Visualize each of these places in case you run into it all undoubtedly. Realize your sense of experience and love for your nation by traveling to Azad Kashmir. It’s a beautiful green town that will create many memories for people who plan to travel here. Also, life is cheap, and you will not spend much.

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