6 Common Causes Of Rideshare Accidents In Florida

Many people think that ride-sharing is a new concept. However, you’d be surprised to know that ride-sharing or carpooling was more widely used in the 1970s than today. The popularity of ride-sharing stemmed from people’s desire to get from point A to point B more conveniently and fast.  

Some people prefer ride-sharing because public transportation makes a lot of stops, can be interrupted by delays, and so on. For the driver, it gives them many benefits because they can earn money and won’t be delayed from going to their destination because those who book them will go to the same place they’re going to.  

Ride-sharing apps have enjoyed unprecedented popularity through the years. Statista even reported that Uber and Lyft had a combined global net revenue of USD$20.71 billion at one point. Their demand has become high because people don’t want to feel stressed driving their vehicles in the horrendous traffic of most cities.  

However, it was no surprise that the number of accidents surged in recent years because of several ride-sharing vehicles plying the streets. Likewise, how many school bus accidents in Florida were caused by distracted driving of Uber? To give you an idea, here are the common causes of rideshare accidents in Florida: 

Lack Of Sleep 

In the past, ride-sharing was purely carpooling, which means that vehicle owners have no intention of turning it into an income-generating platform. Besides, they’re already happy they somehow got back the money they paid for gas.  

Today, with the rising demand for ride-sharing, drivers would like to book as many rides as they can to earn money, causing detrimental effects on their health. It has also been noted that insufficient sleep affects the alertness of a person, and it typically leads to a 33% likelihood of getting involved in an accident. 

Insufficient Maintenance Of Vehicle 

Vehicle maintenance affects road safety immensely. Regular maintenance of vehicles prevents them from malfunctioning, reducing the probability of accidents. Additionally, most collisions on the street are typically attributed to brake failure and poor tire condition. 

So, accidents could have been avoided if these had been addressed promptly. Many vehicle owners would often reason that they missed their vehicle maintenance schedule or didn’t have the money or time for it.  

Driving Under The Influence (DUI)  

Unfortunately, about a third of vehicle collisions in the United States result from DUI, with about 10,000 people dying in 2019. The effect of alcohol doesn’t just make one dizzy; it also affects one’s judgment, which is crucial when driving a vehicle.  

Driving a ride-sharing vehicle is supposed to keep you safe and protected, but unfortunately, the accuracy of background checks performed on drivers of these vehicles can be unreliable. 

Uber estimated around five million registered vehicles worldwide in 2020. The requirements are relatively straightforward; anyone with a driver’s license, is of the right age, and who has been driving in the United States for three years can operate an Uber. The number of trips Uber completes in a day also ballooned to 18.7 million.  

As with the criminal background of a driver, if they have a history as far back as seven years ago, this couldn’t be potentially detected, and they will get approval. So, if they have had a drunk-driving violation in the past, the system’s flaw will not show this.  

Reckless Driving 

Aggressive driving endangers people. Some people feel they are the king of the road and are entitled to behave how they want without thinking of other people’s welfare. This includes tailgating, changing lanes irresponsibly, beating the red light, going beyond the recommended speed, and failing to use the signal light. Sometimes, you’ll wonder how these people could obtain their driver’s licenses with that behavior.  

Unfamiliar Locations 

At times, drivers will accept a booking for a ride even if they’re unaware of the vicinity. The resulting disorientation from this can cause them to get involved in mishaps.  


Fatigue leads to cognitive impairment, which reduces alertness, coordination, judgment, and poor reaction time. Moreover, fatigue has the same effect that lack of sleep and alcohol give the body. 

Driving when you’re exhausted is a dangerous thing. Therefore, if you’re a ride-sharing driver, you must ensure that you take care of your health and you’re always in excellent condition when accepting trips on the application.  


Taking advantage of this sharing economy platform has many responsibilities. Your eligibility to drive the vehicle comes with many conditions, including keeping your car in good order, keeping your health in check, protecting your passengers, and protecting other motorists you encounter on the road, especially schoolchildren. So, if you’re a rideshare driver, take note of these causes to ensure you get your passengers to their destination safely.  

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