6 Emojis for Athletes and Sports Enthusiasts

Sports are one of the best topics to talk about when you want to know someone better. It is even a more engaging subject of conversation, especially if the person you are talking to happens to be an athlete or a sports fan. Aside from being conversation subjects, sports themselves are intriguing. That is why you would probably see a sports emoji when athletes take videos of themselves during practice or fans take pictures of their favorite team’s merchandise.

And if you happen to be either an athlete or sports fan who wants to express love for physical activities through chat and messages, then you are in luck! Here are six sports emojis that you can use to express your passion and fondness for a sport when posting on social media. Stick around to learn which the perfect sports emoji is to use! Let’s start.

  1. Basketball

From the informal streetball to the grand big leagues, everybody knows basketball. After all, its athletes have become huge inspirations for aspiring athletes. From legends such as Michael Jordan to recent stars such as Keven Durant, basketball is, without a doubt, an iconic sport for both old and young generations. 

Show your appreciation for this team sport using the basketball emoji! Introduced as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010, this icon depicts the appearance of a classic orange basketball. Additionally, some platforms display this emoji with a basketball ring. Whether you show off videos of your impressive basketball moves or pictures of your favorite shoes, you will never miss points with this emoji.

  1. Volleyball

Volleyball is another excellent team sport in the world. Like the sport above, volleyball displays exciting moments. From the sound of a player spiking the ball to the thrill of the team receiving it, volleyball is just as exhilarating as any other team sport. And with such thrilling moments, no wonder this sport is just as, if not more, invigorating than any other team-based sport.

Spike your way in the chat with the volleyball emoji! This icon, introduced in 2015 as part of Unicode 8.0, depicts the classic design of a white volleyball. Some platforms display this emoji with white color, while others show it with a touch of gray.

  1. American Football

American football is a close-contact sport filled with tackling and chasing, also known as one if not the most famous sport in the US. It might seem too harsh or aggressive for some people, but fans would probably agree a player running through or dodging the opposing team is a grand and thrilling sight. Not to mention, the helmets and shoulder pads that American football players wear look great and make them even more dominating in appearance.

Express your affection for this sport with the American football emoji! As its name implies, the icon shows a brown American football used during these games. This emoji was introduced in 2010 as part of Unicode 6.0 and eventually Emoji 1.0.

  1. Soccer Ball

Soccer, sometimes referred to like football, is a well-known sport, particularly in Europe and South America. Unlike any other team-based sport, players cannot touch the ball with their hands or arms when moving it towards the goal, making it extra challenging. This rule exempts the goalkeeper exclusively. Instead, players should move the ball via kicking or headbutting it.

Should soccer be your preferred sport, you can express your interest in it with the soccer ball emoji. Introduced in 2009 as part of Unicode 5.2, this icon shows the monochromatic ball used during soccer games, and some platforms depict it with a player kicking the ball. 

  1. Person Lifting Weights

Aside from your classic team and stamina-based sports, strength and power sports are becoming more prevalent today. Different countries launch various competitions for these kinds of sport. They include Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, and strongman. Apti Aukhadov, Eddie Hall, and Hafþór Björnsson, aka The Mountain from HBO’s Game of Thrones, are prevalent in the field of strength sports.

If you are an aspiring or a world-class weightlifter, then the person lifting weights emojis is the perfect icon you should use! This emoji shows a person lifting a barbell on their shoulders. Some platforms have the person in a squatted position, while others depict it either standing straight or with one knee on the floor. There are also various skin tones for this emoji. They include dark, light, medium, medium-dark, and medium-light.  

  1. Person Running

Running is not just an excellent way to improve your stamina and cardiovascular strength. It is also one of the most well-known sports today. Sure, it is not as technical as basketball or volleyball, but it is just as challenging. You do not have to earn more points in running, but you have to be faster than your opponent when reaching the finish line, and that is not as easy as it sounds. 

Feel free to use the person running emoji every time you watch or are part of a running event. Be it a dash, sprint, or marathon, add this emoji to your picture or video running to show your prowess in the sport. You could even add additional emojis such as person swimming and person biking if you watch or compete in an ironman triathlon. 

In a Nutshell

These six emojis are just some of the wide selection of emojis you can use when talking about sports or showing your prowess in your preferred sport. You can also search for emojis that depict other sports you like or fancy. And the best part with these icons: you will not have to worry about winning when using them.


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