6 Graduate Careers You Can Get With Distantly Related Graduate Degrees

Choosing a graduate job isn’t an easy feat in Singapore. Every year, thousands of graduates get torn between numerous job options to choose from, some requiring specific degrees to qualify. Luckily, while some careers require specializing, some don’t need a specific degree or area of specialization. Getting a university degree in Singapore can qualify you for various high-paying graduate jobs. These jobs include;

1. Marketing and advertising

This creative industry is competitive but gives an edge to creative graduates regardless of their graduate degree field of study. Any marketing-related course fits the narrative and includes communications, marketing, advertising, among others. Moreover, it only requires people with impeccable analytical and interpersonal skills who’re also creative and good managers. Any digital and research skills are an added advantage for people who wish to work in this industry.

2. Management consultancy

While this job appears to be more aligned to the business or commerce docket, anyone with a management-related or analytical degree can find work. Analytical degrees dealing with data analyses and strategic assessment that include predicting valuable trends can be a suitable qualification for a management consultant. Most analytical degrees include tons of research, logical reasoning, communication, critical thinking, and creativity, which are perfect for the industry.

3. Teaching

With a post-graduate teacher’s certificate, you can convert your graduate degree into a teaching career in Singapore. With a TEFL certification, you can work as a teacher in ESL positions regardless of your undergraduate course. However, international and public school teachers might gnaw their teeth a bit, given that it requires them to have a related bachelor’s degree in the relative subject area. Nonetheless, it’s a comprehensive course which with better and more qualifications, you can secure a job.

4. Public relations

You may not need a specific degree in securing a public relations job, as long as you’re able to build links and manage your client’s reputation. The job requires that you have impeccable spoken and written language skills and build constructive links between your client and their partners. Although having a marketing, business, or communications degree is an added advantage, any degree related to the business docket can qualify you.

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5. Hospitality and travel management

With the ballooning foreign exchange market in Singapore, graduate jobs in the hospitality industry have become more accessible and easier to find. With or without a graduate degree in hospitality and travel management, you can use your excellent communication skills and a minimum grade to bag the job. If you have good experience in the field from lower levels of work from the past, you can quickly secure work in the industry. Nonetheless, a relevant degree gives you the edge and streamlines the job search for you.

6. Human resources

While human resource jobs are highly competitive, securing a job doesn’t require a precisely related degree. Other courses such as education, labor relations, information technology, and finance can still give you the job. However, since you’ll be working more with employee’s needs, you must know your way around payrolls, sick pay, and other employee-related issues.


While most graduate jobs require a specific university degree in Singapore you can still secure employment using distantly related ones. With the one-fits-all approach in the Singapore job market, any graduate can find work in direct or indirectly related fields of study.


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