6 Moonstone Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

They say aesthetics and accessories are the two paths to a woman’s heart. And aesthetic accessories? More than anything. Gone are the days when ordinary was celebrated. Today, every woman is in the pursuit of something out of the box, especially when it comes to her jewelry. Whether it is a necklace or a pair of earrings – the jingle is “the appealing, the better”! And obviously, what better than moonstone in this context? This bedazzling crystal is all you need to enhance your beauty and make yourself stand out. But, there are some marvelous, lesser-known details about Moonstone that make it all the more fascinating…

Ready to dive deep and find out more about these facts?

Top 6 moonstone facts we’re sure you had no clue about:

From women to wholesale silver handmade jewelry makers, moonstone has ruled everyone’s hearts since the beginning of time – thanks to how it resembles the moon trapped inside the elements of a stone. However, if its appearance didn’t prove to be enchanting enough for you, here are 6 awesome facts that will definitely make you a connoisseur:

  1. Moonstone is a mineral:  Moonstone is composed ofsodium potassium aluminum silicate. Feeling stumped, aren’t you? Don’t worry, we’ll make it simple for you. Unlike how it appears, moonstone is actually a mineral that belongs to the Feldspar family. This also explains the otherworldly luster and patterns that it exhibits. How stunning!
  1. Moonstone exhibits surreal luster: The rationale as to why moonstone shines its way out of most other gemstones is because of its brilliant adularescence that is invoked by the reflection of light on the smooth surface of the stone. Now you know why the moonstone depicts a surreal glimpse of moonlight with every glint!
  1. Moonstones are extremely delicate: Perfect example of fragile beauty! Moonstones rank 6 on the Mohs hardness scale. This translates to the fact that they need to be dealt with very meticulously.
  1. Massive healing properties: Often claimed to aid medicine, the healing properties of moonstone include mental well-being, clarity, hormonal balance, and bestowing strong intuition to the wearer. Amazing!
  1. Moonstones can be carved: Owing to how soft they are, carving is a cakewalk. The engraves add much-needed drama to the crystal bling also bring out the profoundness of the stone.
  1. Spiritual connect: Moonstones were possessed by the monks for eternity. From ancient times, moonstones are revered for their amazing spiritual properties. They have played a vital role in the spiritual progress of many mystics and are still held in faith by the masses.

Some of the trendiest ways to style vogue Moonstone jewelry:

It’s safe to say that the moonstone Jewelry obsession is real for all the right reasons. They are chic, minimal yet ostentatious, and fancy. Here, check out the 3 trendiest looks you can pull off by styling your moonstone just right:

  • Minimalistic: The minimalism trend is going to stay, so better get fluent in it. Go ahead, give your office look an offbeat twist by pairing your shirt and trousers with dainty bijou-like studs or drop earrings. 
  •  Bohemian: If you want to go unconventional and reign supreme in experimenting with jewelry, why not go for a moonstone necklace laced with a leather cord? It is such a buzzing fashion statement!
  • Occasional: Another versatile look that you just don’t want to miss out on! Chic, pretty, and perfect for grand occasions like engagement ceremonies or simple ones like thanksgiving – style your moonstone ring however you like!

Moonstones indeed are the real deal. They are not only what meets eyes but also a key to calmness and healing. So, the next time you go shopping for wholesale gemstone jewelry, don’t miss out on the moonstone!


They say once a lover, always a moonstone lover. So, are you keen on knowing more about moonstones, or ever wondered what moonstones are actually all about? Well, read this blog to find out some crazy moonstone facts and satiate your thirst.


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