6 Reasons To Use Power BI For Your Business

Power BI is a wonderful business intelligence tool that allows data preparation and rich visualizations in one solution. It comes with amazing service capabilities, making it a useful tool for interacting with data. Below are some of the most important reasons why Power BI should be used for a business-

Power BI Makes It Easy To Connect Data Together

With Power BI, it is incredibly easy to bring all your data together into one place, allowing better accessibility, visibility, and organization. Currently, a Power BI tool supports up to 70 connectors, lets businesses load data from a range of cloud-based sources, like Google Analytics, Azure, SalesForce, and Excel spreadsheets. 

With in-built connectors, the Power BI tool can help you load pre-built Power BI dashboards in seconds and conduct data analysis. You can also customize elements the way you want or have Power BI consultants start from scratch by importing datasets or developing your own reports.

Supports Financial Support

During tough times, organizations often cut down costs without understanding where the problem is. However, the focus should be on protecting the growth or profitability via data modeling. Accurate, reliable, and timely data is the most crucial factor in this process. For this, data warehouses or business intelligence tools, like Power BI, is the main input source for data modeling. 

When you can flex the data inputs to the model and display the output in an easy-to-interpret dashboard, it creates value. Any data you have collected from the economic reports can be incorporated into the data models. Moreover, it can increase the accuracy of the results.

Power BI Is A Powerful Tool

Power Pivot data modeling engine of Power BI is a performant columnar database. It uses modern database technologies that compress databases and makes sure that they load fully into the memory for a great performance. Excel starts to slow down while dealing with large data models. On the other hand, Power BI is highly optimized to deal with tables. 

Besides, Power BI comes with automated refreshes to ensure that the data is updated. It streamlines the visual reporting. By condensing and loading large chunks of records into memory, the Power BI tool enables quicker data analysis and gives a valuable experience to the end-users.

Better Marketing Efforts

You already know that the Power BI tool enables better data analysis and adds value to the end reports. As a result, a business intelligence system allows the marketing team of an organization to improve its marketing strategies and create better marketing campaigns. Ultimately, it will provide the business with a better ROI and a way to access data regarding the previous or current campaigns. Also, with business intelligence tools, you can get insights into key metrics, like CTR, CPL, and more!

It Brings Data Governance And Security Together

With the Power BI tool, you can manage security and user access within the same interface. With this feature, the tool removes the need for any other tool, ensuring that you meet compliance and regulatory standards. Also, the Power BI tools have an Azure Active Directory (AAD) for user authentication. It allows you to take advantage of SSO (Single Sign-On), in addition to the regular login credentials to see data.

Enable Advanced Analytics With Excel Features

With the Power BI tool, Excel users who have knowledge of the DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) formula can dig deeper into data. It comes with a self-service power query tool that is familiar to Excel users. This makes it easy for you to integrate, transform, or ingest business data into Power BI. Also, Power BI integrates with Excel, which eliminates the need to export files. In a nutshell, Power BI is quite easy to use for MS Excel users.

These are just some of the many reasons to use Power BI for your business. Now is the right time to leverage the tool, get key insights from data, and use this information to improve your business strategy.


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