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6 rules for the selection of veneered doors

Varieties of door veneer

  • Natural. It is a cut from an array of valuable species of wood, which is obtained by sloughing, planing or sawing. They convey natural texture well. Products with such a coating are durable, resistant to many influences, retain an attractive appearance for a long time, and stand out for the uniqueness of the pattern.
  • Eco-veneer. Obtained in a similar way from fast growing trees. Bonding of fibers and surfaces with a synthetic binder. It is possible to obtain various colors, textures, patterns for the interior doors. It has all the characteristics of a natural variety. Eco-friendly and harmless to humans.
  • Multi-veneer. Reconstructed from an array. Does not preserve the texture of wood. Original geometric patterns in various colors are created from it. It can be used to advantageously design modern interiors, in particular, in the Art Nouveau style.

Advantages and disadvantages of the material

The main advantages of veneer used for finishing interior doors include the following qualities:

  1. Natural, original, attractive textures.
  2. Resistance to temperature fluctuations, humidity.
  3. Good insulation, allowing you to keep warm, prevent the penetration of extraneous noise.
  4. Environmental friendliness and safety for humans. If the product is manufactured in accordance with modern standards, then it does not emit harmful impurities.
  5. Easy to repair if chips or minor damage appears.

But the material also has a number of disadvantages that can affect the choice:

  1. It is very difficult to find several slabs that are similar in texture at once.
  2. Veneer is afraid of prolonged exposure to sunlight and darkens.
  3. The service life depends on the production technology. It is advisable to give preference to large companies.

Rules for choosing veneered doors

Point 1

Price. It is important to remember that natural materials are more expensive than synthetic ones, so there is no need to chase a low price. It is better to buy several slabs at a time so that they do not differ in shade.

Point 2

Shade and style. When choosing, it is important to focus on the existing interior and its color scheme so that the doors complement it favorably and emphasize its features.

Point 3

Pattern. Please evaluate the originality of the drawing before purchasing or installing. If it repeats, it means that a film or an unnatural veneer was used. These products are cheaper.

Point 4

Decorative items. Slabs can be not only deaf, but also decorated with various inserts. These include – glass, stained glass, wood – rattan or bamboo.

Point 5

Quality. Upon receipt, it is important to assess the adhesion of the veneer to the surface. To do this, it is enough to pick up the edge of the cover at the end. If it leaves, poor-quality adhesives were used. Also, there should be no chips, cracks.

Point 6

Equipment. This should be checked with sellers in advance, since not all manufacturers supply doors with additional elements. These include the box and trims. Handles and locks are purchased separately.

Possible defects in veneer slabs

When creating, ordinary timber can be used instead of glued. Such structures will warp during operation.

Particleboard can be used as a frame. This is hard stuff. Without a high-quality installation, it will lead to rapid sagging, pulling screws out of the hinges.

Not all companies install MDF between the veneer and the frame, which makes joints and connections visible. There is no need to talk about the strength of such products.

PVA can be used as an adhesive base. Because of this, the service life is shortened.

During the manufacture of the platbands, they did not provide for the slots, which is why the slabs has to be installed with the help of nails. This is bad for the appearance.

If the surface is rough, then the product has not gone through high-quality grinding and is covered with low-quality varnish.

Before installation, you should pay attention to the geometry of the blade. It should be even, without distortions, deflections, of the same size.


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