6 Ways You Can Save Electricity

In today’s digital age, connectivity is now the norm. Work can now be done online, anywhere, and anytime. You can now discover new and budding talents online, thanks to TikTok. However, when it comes to the cultural scene, there has been a change of mindset: to live more ethically while enjoying life. Despite today’s demand to connect online, there also needs to be a balance alongside practicing mindfulness where the environment is concerned.

Scroll down for surefire six ways to save electricity!

Switch to Ecolum products

Ecolum products are LED lights. They consume lower electrical energy. With Ecolum products, you get the same amount of brightness and wattage without breaking the bank and consuming as much electricity as other LED lights. Ecolum products can be used for your room, home, and outdoor lighting. They are produced from high-quality materials and undergo a rigorous testing process to check if the quality is exceeded.

Ecolum products have high value for their price, quality, and adaptability. With its certified 5-star rating from the Department of Energy, any Ecolum product you purchase will go a long way.

Unplug unused electrical appliances

Unused electrical appliances in your home can be that extension cord you love plugging in your phone or your ring light. Maybe it can even be your electric fan. But unfortunately, no matter how harmless it may seem, unused electrical appliances can be a safety hazard.

Any standby electrical consumption in your home usually accounts for 10% of the annual electricity use from home.

Regularly clean your refrigerator.

Cleaning your refrigerator means less electrical consumption and more saved energy. It’s also a way to sanitize your home and care for you and your family. You’ll also eliminate bad odors, make more space in your refrigerator for new food and prevent bacteria from breeding in your refrigerator.

We are not always as aware of it, but piling our food in the refrigerator without finishing the food already stored there can cause the fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator to decay.

Use the microwave

The microwave remains one of the most trustworthy appliances for heating and producing food. For baking, the oven is one’s greatest personal asset but can also consume a great deal of electricity over the long run. In addition, the oven usually takes 1 hour to bake a viand/pastry. Compared to the oven, the microwave uses less energy. It also takes considerably less time to cook with a microwave. If you use the microwave more often in the place of an oven, you can also save money.

Hang-dry your laundry

While washing machines contain special driers, the sun is one of the most powerful and important tools you can use to dry your clothes. Hanging your clothes under the sun can save you money and is cost-effective.

However, if you do wish to dry your clothes under the sun, you must be strategic about it. Before hanging your clothes outside to dry, kindly check the weather if it will favor you.

Use natural lighting

Natural lighting has been proven to increase the productivity of people who work nearby it. This spark of productivity is due to the effect of natural light on the hypothalamus, which is linked to the body’s Circadian Rhythm and capability to produce melatonin and serotonin. Those who have worked under natural light report feeling more alert, productive, and in a more pleasant state of mind.


Applying these tips to your daily life can result in a lower electricity bill and a habit of being more mindful of the energy you use. In these little ways, we make the best of what we have and can do for our planet. This leaves us with the knowledge that we can have the best of both saving electricity and being more efficient with the way we conduct our daily activities.

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