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7 Reasons Experts Recommend Installing Porcelain Tiles In Your Home

Porcelain is superior to regular ceramic tiles since they are fired at a higher temperature. This firing process results in many benefits of porcelain, which are density and imperviousness to water.

Porcelain tiles are long-lasting and durable compared to ceramic tiles. They are not as dense as stone tiles, but they are considered premium like stone tiles simply because they are more complicated and resistant to water.

Because of this, it is no mystery why homeowners are willing to pay more for porcelain. This article explores the many benefits of this fantastic material.

1. Highly durable and long-lasting

Porcelain tiles are durable than ceramic tiles but not as strong as stone tiles. It is a hard-wearing material for homeowners looking for the aesthetic of ceramic tiles. Depending on the rating, a porcelain tile can last up to 20 years. If it has a higher rating, it can even last up to 50 years. Although porcelain is not as long-lasting as stone, it is far better than other ceramic tile types.

2. Easy to maintain

Porcelain is resistant to stains in contrast to stone floors which need to be sealed. But both of these materials will only require a light mopping to appear brand-new. This feature often drives homeowners to choose porcelain or stone tiles for flooring rather than carpeting. A kitchen with plank porcelain flooring, for example, is super easy to clean and sweep.

3. Hygienic

Carpeting and laminates are popular flooring materials but are considered less hygienic than porcelain or stone tiles. It is not just because tiles are more effortless to clean but since they don’t trap dirt like carpets or hold moisture like laminated flooring. Porcelain also bounces off household chemicals in contrast to laminates. Moreover, this material can be cleaned with even the harshest solutions.

4. Fireproof

An advantage of porcelain is it does not burn or produce toxic fumes in fires. It doesn’t even give off smoke. In contrast, carpeting and laminates will light up similar to torches and produce harmful fumes that can be highly unhealthy. Stone is the only other material that is fireproof. Stone tiles will not catch fire, produce smoke or toxic fumes.

5. Excellent covering for high-traffic areas

If you want to spruce up an entryway or long hallway that you predict will get massive amounts of traffic, your best option is a porcelain or stone tile. Traffic tends to wear away the beauty of flooring in high traffic zones and produce bald spots. But porcelain can withstand high traffic and still look incredible, much like stone tiles do. Laminates will also look worn in areas where they are exposed to plenty of foot traffic.

6. Timeless designs

Porcelain tiles look good and do not fade under direct sunlight. Its colors stay consistent, making it ideal for outdoor use. The only other material that is comparable to this type of everlasting design is stone.

7. Low absorption rate

It can be installed in environments exposed to water. Porcelain has a .5 of moisture absorption capacity, which makes them water-resistant. They are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

Porcelain looks incredible and also performs well. Whether you use them outdoors or indoors, you can expect a long lifespan from them. Moreover, there are wide-ranging styles and designs to choose from to complement any setting.

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