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7 Tips to Be Popular on Instagram

Instagram, which has nearly 2 billion users and pioneered in-app purchasing, is continuously redefining itself to meet the needs of its users. Now everyone is struggling for expanding his profile on Instagram.

But how can you stay famous on it? No matter you are an experienced Instagrammer or a new baby to this big social media platform, you are sure to find some unique strategies to boost your account. Please note we’re not suggesting you buy Instagram followers. We’re giving you effective tips to continuously grow. Keep reading for more details.

Highlight Covers

If you’re not using Instagram’s Highlights feature, you need to get on board now. Every day, approximately 500 million people use Instagram stories, therefore you should store your tales in your highlights area and then urge people to see them on your profile page! While it may not seem like much, bookmarking stories you believe your followers would want to view again is one of the greatest methods to boost the number of people who visit your profile.

Post at the Best Times for Engagement

To find out what works best for your account, look at your own data. It’s different for every client and audience! There are some days on Instagram when you should post more than others. Tuesday and Wednesday have the highest engagement rates.

Brands benefit from posting on Instagram between the hours of 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. During the workday, individuals are most active on Facebook between 11 a.m. and noon, then again between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m, when they come home.

Invite Your Friends

As a result, spread the news that you’re now on Instagram. When you join up for the first time, you’ll have the choice of following and sharing your newly formed account with your phone contacts and friends on Facebook. Consider marketing your Instagram account on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as well. Embedding AddThis Share Buttons on your website is easy. Send a short email blast to your newsletter readers to let them know about the changes.

Not only should you inform all of your free Instagram followers that you’ve joined Instagram, but also provide them with a cause to follow you.

Take Good Photos for Instagram

No need to explain that Instagram is a visual social media site, right? As for the photo or video itself, it’s important to make it unique and high-quality.

Unavoidable truth: your Instagram account will struggle to gain a large following if it doesn’t stand out. You may expand your following quickly by creating a coherent feed.

Properly Use Hashtags

It’s like asking ten different Instagram users for their opinion on anything, and you’ll get ten different answers. If you’re looking to get more Instagram followers, you should use hashtags. As a marketer, you must know what hashtags will be most effective for your business and content. To attract individuals who are interested in your Instagram post, utilize a mix of these hashtags.

This has been a fantastic tool for me personally. I now submit two distinct comments including hashtags – keep it at 10 and 10 for example or combine related tags together.

Only make sure you’re using hashtags that aren’t just for your sector but are also a bit more unique. Each post on Instagram may include up to 30 hashtags, so take advantage of this function.

Participate in Popular Conversations

What follows is the inverse of what we said in our prior point. As well as starting discussions, you should be actively involved.

If someone in your field has started a conversation that others are interested in, it might be beneficial for you to remark and join in. Who is to say? Some individuals may be inspired by your work and decide to check out your profile and follow you on social media.

Browse Your Likes

Do you know many free Instagram likes you have got? If you do not have a clear answer, you need to browse your likes. This simple trick will assist you in finding a record of the stuff you’ve lately enjoyed. Start by clicking the cogwheel in the upper-right corner of your profile page, scrolling to the section “Account,” and clicking “Posts You’ve Liked.”

Track interactions with your supporters using this data; if you want your audience to participate with your material, do the same. A simple “like” or comment may go a long way toward strengthening your bonds with your fans. Your organization becomes a part of their daily lives, and by showing that you support them, you’ll be more likely to acquire long-term supporters who aren’t only on social media.


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