7 tips to keep your customers coming back for more

If you are a business in which the target customers can potentially seek your goods and/or services regularly, it is very important that you develop your customer engagement strategy. If you provide a great service and product, regularly returning customers will become the backbone of your business, providing you with both a reliable source of income and further promotional opportunities.

Customers in any industry can make or break a business, particularly since the age of the internet. While there still might be people who buy spontaneously, if the purchase is significant then the consumer is likely to look up reviews about your business. Unfortunately, most people usually only write reviews about either incredible service or incredibly poor service, so it is crucial for the survival of your enterprise that you provide the former.

The following 7 tips are aimed at improving your customer engagement for your business venture and keeping your customers coming make time and time again:

Create a Shopify filter

Shopify is a powerful eCommerce platform that provides all the tools you need for your business. It offers features like website building, marketing tools, customer management, and much more. However, one thing I often find lacking in Shopify is the ability to customize certain aspects of your website. One particular aspect that one can be able to change is the color scheme of the store.  So we can create Shopify color filter that will let the customer select any color in Hex code or RGB code and then applies it to the site automatically!

Target the right audience

Any business owner knows that marketing is both expensive and time-consuming; however, there are ways in which you can optimise your valuable time and financial resources. By targeting the people who will most likely be returning customers, and even promoting your product or service to their social network, you will be able to get the highest return for your investment. The easiest way a business can define its target market is by identifying its typical customer and tailor the marketing pitch accordingly.

Reward returning customers

One of the best ways to ensure to that your existing customers come back time and time again whenever they need a product or service that you provide is to reward return business. There are many creative techniques that you can use such as discount vouchers, rewards points or stamp cards. Your customers want to feel like their business is valued and their decision to return to your business time and time again needs to be acknowledged. Show them that you care and it will pay off in the long term. Some techniques to do this include companies creating innovative loyalty programmes and helps you think about how you can create your own.

Improve your online presence suggests utilising a combination of search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques and customer reviews. It argues that customer reviews provide a lot of organic online traffic; the more positive reviews that your business receives the higher your profile will be on relevant search engines. Your best reviews can also be collected on a dedicated review page on your website. Reviews that incorporate related keywords will encourage organic traffic directly to your business website.

Provide a positive experience

All products and services can always be improved to provide an engaging and positive experience for your customers. For improving customer engagement, suggests using customer surveys and incorporating customer insights and online reviews into the design of your service provision.

Maintain lines of communication

Communicating effectively with you existing customers is a simple method to ensure they are given a positive experience and genuinely want to return to your business regularly. By listening to your customers’ needs and addressing their concerns without rushing them or being dismissive, you are effectively creating a loyal customer for life. When possible, make sure you or an employee are available to answer customer questions in person, online, and over the phone. Nothing attracts a return customer more than the ability for them to ask questions about your business, service or products accompanied by a timely and friendly response.

Practice and be open about your socially and/or environmentally responsible business practices

If possible, try to practice social and environmental responsible business practices. This could include using recycled material or source products which were responsibly produced. So many big businesses use questionable practices to create their business model, and many people are willing to choose an alternative if they know they are supporting a business that operates more environmentally/socially responsibly. Your customers will love to know the efforts that you have made to make a difference in this world so make sure that you tell them.

Be open, engaging, and friendly to your customers

It may sound obvious but one of the best ways to ensure that your existing customers return to your business is to just be nice, friendly, and attentive to their needs. I know this might be difficult if you are having a particularly busy or stressful day but providing your service with a smile should always be a priority. If customers feel as if they are welcome rather than simply being‘endured’, they will want to come back again.


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