7 Visibility Benefits Offered by WorkZone Project Management Software

Project management requires constant vigilance and a proactive approach to work. Luckily, reliable software can take care of most of the workload by providing visibility into the processes. WorkZone project management software helps create and uphold strategies with its multiple visibility features. It has been designed for teams that are running several projects and helps track its journey even if you are not at the site or office.

This article outlines some of the benefits of using WorkZone especially when it comes to visibility into the tasks, team performance, and other project-related activities.


1-Monitor Progress of All Projects

The project manager will know what is happening at all times and this makes it easier to juggle multiple clients. WorkZone tool brings visibility into all current projects and their statuses with one click. This is a necessary feature because it can help translate the progress and achievements to other departments or stakeholders. Clients can also monitor the work and save time they would have otherwise spent on long email threads. All the information is consolidated into a single dashboard which makes it easier to track important information relevant to the team for general or reporting purposes.

2-Identify Potential Risks

Project managers can identify any threats or risks to their projects before they become an issue. WorkZone project management sends warnings or alerts whenever a project is falling behind on the due date or not keeping up with the desired schedule. It monitors the progress and pinpoints any issues that could pose a problem in the future. Project managers can also find bottlenecks and address any concerns that the team might have. The company will be less likely to miss deadlines, face any major delays, or other risks because they can identify any areas that might need their attention.

3- Assign Priorities

It is important for any project team to determine the importance and impact of each task or goal. There are several factors such as Key Performance Indicators that can be used to organize the list. However, the project management software can help gain visibility into the priorities for all ongoing projects. The managers can align their activities according to the priority and they can also come up with plans to make sure all processes are tuned accordingly. It is easier to adjust the schedule and relevant items with WorkZone because all items are editable. The team will now be focusing on those activities that are high-impact.

4-Allocate Resources

More visibility means that the project manager will not only be able to see the progress of each project but also monitor how each team member is spending their time. Most team members are contributing to several different projects simultaneously and it is difficult for the manager to keep track of them. WorkZone which is project tracking software can provide details of everyone’s tasks and help evenly distribute work across the team. There is no disparity when it comes to workload and everyone is assigned to a project where they will be making a bigger difference and balancing team efficiency.

5-Share Project Status

Employees might experience issues with the project whether they are related to delays or quality of work. The project management software helps bridge the communication gap and provides team members a way to voice their concerns to the manager. It provides real-time status updates that the leaders can check without being asked. This way team members only need to ask their superiors to check the software. There is no longer a need for unnecessary communication or request for updates because everyone is using the same system. It also brings visibility into any potential issues or risks ahead of time which means the solution is quick. The users save a lot of time previously spent on team meetings or back-and-forth communication.

6- Track Timelines

Missed deadlines can cost the team a significant amount of money, stress, and credibility points. It also affects each individual working for the company and they are the ones who face bigger consequences. The management will not tolerate any team member delaying the project. The only solution is to identify the factors contributing to the delays and cut them out of the equation.

When all the users are updating their task status on WorkZone project management software the managers will be able to see the complete timeline. They can notice who is falling behind and make adjustments before they cause a delay. It is also much easier to meet deadlines when the complete project timeline is available. Teams do not need to create fire drills or constantly update the status because they are monitoring the situation in real-time.

Follow Budgets

All projects activities are interconnected and when one is not completed on time the next one will suffer. These dependent tasks can affect the entire project especially, in terms of financing and resources. WorkZone it is possible to track all expenses and spending. The managers can pay more attention to all overheads and costs because it has an accounting module as well. It is also much easier to compare estimates with actual spending to see which tasks or phase is the most expensive.


Project management software can provide major benefits to teams in terms of visibility. There are many reasons to implement new technology but having access to all the information and insights in one place is the biggest one. Most companies do not need software with multiple features and complicated workflows, and a simple solution that helps manage all activities.

WorkZone project management provides visibility which leads to an increase in organized efforts and improves the accountability of the company. When you are looking for a project management solution, instead of comparing the features and functionalities, find something that can help address your concerns and solve existing problems. Project management software can help get a project back on track and under control making it easier to move in the desired direction.

It is not the software but how it is utilized that makes the biggest difference when it comes to project management.

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