7 Ways Video Content Can Help Grow Your Business

It doesn’t matter whether you are a business manager or a marketer, you undoubtedly have a certain marketing plan in place. Well, if you don’t, it seems like you’re in the majority. 70% of marketers do not really have a clear or consistent marketing plan to adhere to.

Fortunately, certain marketing techniques are never too late to assist in enhancing your business growth. In the digital world, you have the option to advertise your company in many ways, but not all methods are equally successful. You may attempt to create conventional advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, pop-ups, etc.

But now we have a very effective technique at hand which is referred to as video marketing. Video marketing is so strong that it can garner over 1200 percent more shares when compared to a relevant textual advertisement or static images.

This is a tonne of engagement (and possibly, sales) that can compel you to draft a unique video marketing plan for your business.

If you are still on the fence regarding the intricacies of video marketing, we have compiled a list of ways that demonstrate how video marketing can fuel your business growth. Let’s get started!

7 Ways Through Which Videos Help in Business Growth

1. Videos Enable a Higher Conversion Rate

You can enhance the conversion rate by at least 80 percent just by putting a video on a landing page, according to data collected by WordStream. Moreover, the open rates of emails can be improved by up to 200-300% by including the word ‘video’ in the subject section.

Videos hosted on your website or social media handles are viewed and enjoyed by your customers. They are quite likely to look at them when they do land on your site or visit your social media profiles.

Short and compelling films crafted using an online video editor have the potential to take the customer in less than two minutes through the marketing funnel and turn a prospect into a successful convert.

2. Videos Enable Better ROI

Around 89% of video marketers believe that this marketing technique provides a high return on their investments, according to the recent Wyzowl study.

The ROI generated through videos can play a significant part in the marketing decision-making of brands who have first-hand witnessed the performance of videos.

Taking into account the aforementioned advantages and data, the ROI of the campaign may rise enormously if you take full use of video marketing.

3. Videos Enable Better Search Rankings

For over 15 years, Google has been emphasizing the significance of video content. That’s why videos may help you get better ranks on your SERPs and increase your digital visibility. Meanwhile, videos may assist to boost organic traffic from SERPs by at least 157 percent.

In the hands of an SEO professional with the right video editing tool, videos are a potent weapon with massive benefits. They do not directly affect the rankings but offer your website a greater opportunity to improve them and bring in more visitors who may turn into successful converts.

4. Videos Bring in Increased Engagement

Videos provide a very high potential for social participation. Social video produces around 1200% more shares than text and pictures combined. Meanwhile, Facebook videos are tending to increase user involvement by at least 33 percent.

Shareability and word-of-mouth marketing go subsequently. By sharing your information, you do not only reach a larger audience base but provide this audience an opportunity to become your brand ambassadors.

5. Videos Enable Better Customer Connections

Videos enable your business to enhance customer relationships and build up confidence with prospective clients. An average individual finds it relatively simpler to connect with a brand when he/she finds someone talking to them directly, rather than reading plain textual content.

A video always triumphs in comparison to the black text on the white backdrop. In the meanwhile, the user might find it tougher to pause the video relative to simply stopping the good read! Now, this is a psychological impact that only a few understand!

Videos generate better connections than any other media online. The tone of speech, music and facial expressions can be leveraged to grow your business which just isn’t possible with any other media format. This marketing technique may make your brand more personable.

6. Videos Help in Brand Building

Videos perform a great job to increase the awareness of your brand amongst your audience and may be deemed as an essential component of your marketing strategy.

You may utilize a promo video to convey a business narrative, organize hiring interviews and offer behind the scene glimpses that have the potential to build a robust brand in the long run.

You may perform a far better job by providing clips to demonstrate that you share beliefs with your audience. A picture is rightly worth a thousand words when it comes to brand recognition and a video’s worth is twice as much at least.

7. Videos Enable Seamless Integration in the Sales Funnel

YouTube’s popularity is impossible to underestimate. Your target audience will probably make purchasing choices after consuming the content on the platform.

Video product reviews are considerably more common these days than written evaluations since they provide an honest insight into the product and offer a distinct chance to witness how they appear and function in the real world.

Embedding product videos into product pages of the website also assists prospective customers to decide whether to buy or not. Four times as many customers prefer to watch a product video instead of reading textual content about it.

Meanwhile, 20% of customers may lose interest in the product if video descriptions are not available.


With a ton of benefits, video is obviously an essential component of any digital marketing strategy. It is crucial for businesses to carefully consider integrating video into their marketing strategy if they want to enjoy enhanced recognition and the plethora of advantages unlocked by leveraging video content in their marketing funnel. The trick is to create the right tone, content, timetable, and design – ensuring excellent films are sent that bring the viewer through the sales funnel, without being seen as irritating or repeating


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