9 Keys to Being Successful in College

College is a big step for any person. To make this transition as smooth as possible, here’s a list of nine items you’ll need to be successful.

A Great Support System

Trusted role models and reliable friends can help make up a sound support system. Trusted role models can always be there for you and will help with anything they see fit. Having friends who are going through the same thing is essential to help motivate each other along your new journey.

A Plan for After Graduation

The beginning often starts with an idea of what you want in the end. How do you see your life after you’ve graduated? Where do you want to live? What type of company do you want for an employer? Your end goals will help shape the coursework you try now.

A Good Attitude

Things might get difficult sometimes, but remember that it’s always temporary. Keep in mind that you’re going to do this for yourself and so that you can live your best life after graduation. That should help motivate you through a tough time!

The Ability to Empathize with Professors

Professors are people, too, with their unique pressures and stresses on them. Don’t take things personally if they don’t understand where you’re coming from, because chances are good they have about 100 other students giving them all of the same complaints at once. A little patience helps you be less frustrated with the person and allows you to work through their processes on an academic level. This experience helps you later when working with potentially difficult bosses.

The Ability to Prioritize Work and Play

Prioritizing work and play is a must. Having a willingness to put time into studying for exams, assignments, etc., is essential. You deserve time for yourself and your interests too. No matter your major, you’ll need excellent time management skills to successfully juggle all the different subjects and downtime that will interest you.

A Willingness to Remain Curious

A desire to learn new things and to always be open-minded will serve you well. Trying different subjects will open your eyes to different perspectives on life and the world. College is a place to learn, and for some things, a place to experiment. Experimenting with other subjects and coursework is encouraged.

Ability and Motivation to Take Challenging Coursework

College is about growth and renewal. This mindset requires the ability to feel the fear of taking a challenging course and finishing it anyway. This ability teaches you that it’s OK to be challenged and motivates you to complete your coursework or try something different in life when faced with similar decisions.

Reliable Equipment

Everyone needs reliable gear and equipment to be successful in college. Your backpack needs to be sturdy because it’s going to be carrying weight and taking a beating with as much as you’ll be setting it up and putting it down. Your electronics should be newer. Taking an older laptop that’s on its last legs won’t help you when it decides to die before your next big assignment is due. Newer electronics, like laptops, means you don’t have to worry about something failing when you need them.

Finances or Funding

Even people with full scholarships still need money while they’re in college. Money helps pay for food, transportation, laundry, entertainment, trips back home, and more. Many people work part-time in college and throughout the summer months to help fund their wallets before the next year starts. Be willing to accept part-time employment while you complete your studies.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior – keeping these items at the forefront will work for anyone who has started their higher education journey and is looking for ways to be successful inside and outside the classroom. Be prepared, be flexible, have a sound support system, be willing to learn, be open to new experiences, and have reliable equipment, and you’ll do fine.


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