9 Ways People are throwing Away Their Hard-Earned Money

Many budgeting efforts fail because people are unable to spot unnecessary expenses on their list. They end up cutting every amenity still. The savings goals are far from reach. You can blame the marketing team of these product or service providers for making the expenses look essential, even though they are not.

Nonetheless, you can find and cut these items with some research and help from friends. You are throwing away your money if you don’t need the service or they are available for a free or reduced cost. Alternatives are there only if the person is willing to spend some time looking for them.

Here, we have mentioned some ways people are throwing away their money on unnecessary products, services, or fees.

  1. Bank Fees

Banks are getting more and more competitive with the introduction of internet banking. Many small financial institutions are trying to build their customer base by waving off some fees. This makes them a better alternative than the big financial institution that charges customers because of low funds.

You can search the internet for banks with minimal or no fees for their services. This includes the fee on ATM withdrawal and maintenance charges from the banks. Also, the private lenders provide the same services to the customers with minimal paperwork and no extra charges other than processing fees.

  1. Trial Period of Subscription Services

Many service providers offer a monthly subscription free of cost for the users to try their services. You may opt-out of these offers or not pay attention because of various reasons. Commonly, it is because the customers have already made their mind to use the subscription with no need for a trial.

You are wasting money for the first month of subscription to these services. The cost is low, but the collective total is significant. Therefore, if the service provider offers a free trial period, use it regardless of the days or money saved during it.

  1. Unused Subscriptions and Memberships

Your credit card bill may contain some subscription cost that you never or hardly use. These are the ones bought after a temporary need or some short-lived motivation. Then, users don’t find the time, or the interest is lost forever.

You should cancel those subscriptions to avoid needless spending from the credit card. These include OTT platforms, gym, health clubs, or some magazine subscriptions. You may find it hard to go through the cancellation process since the retention team will do their best to convince you.

  1. Needless Purchases and Debt

Like the grocery items, we make many purchases throughout our lives that make no sense once we reach home. They are placed in the storeroom with the perception of using them again in the future. However, they spend the rest of their life there.

To make the situation worse, you may pay the credit card bills in installments with heavy interest for these items. The solution here is to make thoughtful purchases of items that bring some value to your life. Moreover, you can take fast loans on the same day with lower interest rates than credit cards for payment.

  1. Credit Card Fees

The signup offers from credit cards often come with some terms and conditions that may come into effect a year after its arrival. These include the annual fees and the interest rates on the installments. By using an interest payment calculator, one can easily determine what kind of a repayment timeline is necessary to pay off a particular credit card. Ultimately, the banks are willing to spend more on a lead generation because they know the returns are made in the long term.

  1. Spending More for Discount

A common sales technique to make people spend more is to provide some discount after a certain purchase amount. Many brands use it to enjoy a boost in their sales, with customers spending more to get the discount. The customers end up throwing more money to save only a few pounds.

It makes no sense to spend money on needless items to get a small gift or discount. Therefore, do not fall for this fall sense of savings or achieving the discount amount. This will indeed help the brands reach their sales goal, but you will be left with a bigger bill on the credit card.

  1. Wasting Food

The dustbin in the kitchen is not filled with extra food but the money you could have saved. It is easy to ration food items to avoid wastage and reduce grocery bills. You can donate the additional items in the refrigerator to the underprivileged members of society instead of waiting for them to go stale.

It starts with a shopping list before your next visit to the grocery stores. Make sure you eat something before entering it to avoid unnecessary purchases. It is a known experience to everyone that food items look more delicious with an empty stomach.

  1. Not Refinancing

You can reduce the stress of repayment because of the current debts by refinancing them. The lenders will check your repayment history and current financial condition to offer better interest rates and terms. You can refinance the house mortgage, car loan, or education loan to name a few.

Refinancing a loan will provide you with the opportunity to decide the loan terms based on your current income. You can reduce the tenure to save money on the interest and overall cost of the loan. However, make sure the foreclosure charges and processing fees don’t increase the cost instead of reducing it.

  1. No Negotiation

Many people don’t negotiate with the service provider to get a better price for the services. From the internet to cell phone services, you can easily save hundreds of pounds in a year with some negotiation calls. Just make sure the call is connected to the retention department or some authority with the power to reduce the cost.


To sum up, we all are throwing money on some product or services because of the lack of awareness. Once you know the trick used by service providers, you can outplay them to save some money. There are alternatives to these huge corporates that will offer lower prices for the same product or services.

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