A Budget-Friendly Way To Have The Perfect Garden Party

Whether you’re looking to plan an indoor or outdoor event, renting a marquee tent is a great option that offers you a cost-effective way to illuminate your space. Plus, marquee tents come with additional features like internal decoration and live music – creating the perfect ambiance for a party!

Budget Friendly

With summer finally here, it’s time to plan your garden party. If you’re on a budget, tips like using throwback picnic style decorating and choosing sandwiches for all the appetizers will help you save some serious cash. You’ll also want to put together an outdoor bar with plenty of iced down drinks. Be careful not to over-imbibe – don’t forget to show and tell family stories about each of their proudest gardening moments! Break out the lawn games, mugs of lemonade and funny hats, and plan on spending the whole day outside.

Planning a Garden Party

Planning a garden party can be tricky, right? After all, you only have so many weekends and church socials to plan. With this post we’re going to break down the process for you and help you come up with the perfect dinner and decorate with little thought. Of course, the food is important, but how it’s prepared can make or break a dinner party! A dessert platter of amazingness might be the perfect way to end it all (and leave your guests hungry for more).Here are the steps to planning your garden party:Gather song info Whether your garden is big or small, it need not be overwhelming when you want to host a summer garden party. Start by thinking about what plants are in season where you live, landscape planters/containers, and workspace for guests to enjoy the weather under the blue sky. The best menu for this particular event goes beyond just grilled vegetables. Pick out wines that complement the vegetables well and cocktails that aren’t too strong- not to mention, snack food that goes perfect with wine. For more information on lawn care check out Lilydale Instant lawn

What To Hire In Advance

In some ways, a garden-themed gathering is as tough as predicting the weather. A good garden party requires time, planning and diligence from those who want to give their guests an unforgettable evening. Here are some suggestions on how to make the process more efficient.

Food And Drink Ideas

For a shindig of your garden variety, this list will provide fresh ideas on what to make, what to serve (and for whom), how to decorate with greenery, and more. It was the weekend of my very first garden soiree, so I knew I needed to go beyond making fresh salads with field greens and avocado. I wanted friends to grab a glass of wine or Champagne served in the perfect tulip-shaped beverage cooler, which is what led me to create beautifully displayed dishes made with combinations of proteins, vegetables, and grains that also happen to be vegan and gluten-free too!

Planning Fun Activities for Guests

Make your guests feel special arriving at your home. Have an outdoor soiree with live music, food and drink in a garden setting. The eyes will easily pop with envy when they see how elegant everything was done in such a difficult season. Planning events in the backyard can be hard work, even when you’re just hosting a small, casual garden party. For event planning that doesn’t break your budget, consider these three fun outdoor activities to spruce up your garden area. From catering, to games, to music and more, you’ll give your guests the perfect excuse for an evening of memorable entertainment at home.


Planning an event in our home without a budget is something we can’t do. That is why we have made this guide to help you create the perfect garden party around your budget and come up with all of your decoration and activity ideas! 


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