A Checklist for Moving Your Company to a New Office

Hiring a furniture removalist from Geelong will be beneficial if the companies expand because they need more room for equipment, supplies, and employees. Relocating can improve business operations in several ways, such as making it easier to access supplies or receive deliveries. It can also be cheaper to relocate than renovate an older building.

Relocating can also make it easier to attract employees and clientele. You may also be downsizing your business, particularly if you have more employees working from home. Whatever your reasons for relocating, you can use the tips outlined here to move successfully to a new office.


Work with an experienced realtor.

Realtors help clients sell, buy, and rent properties. Find a real estate agent who handles commercial properties. Your real estate agent can help you find a suitable property and negotiate the contract terms. Finding office space in large cities throughout the United States can be challenging, but working with a realtor will simplify the process of finding a new office for an affordable price.


Determine how to prepare your new location.

Your real estate agent will strive to find you an office with all the features you desire, but you may have to renovate or alter the space yourself, depending on the contract terms. You may have to move walls, add dividers, install reception desks, and install a security system.

Choosing the right security system is crucial for your peace of mind. Compare a bullet vs dome camera to determine the best camera options for your building. You can consider network video recorder (NVR) and digital video recorder (DVR) cameras and choose between a cloud-based security system and a hybrid cloud system. Bullet cameras are easier to see but offer good long-range viewing. Dome cameras are less likely to be vandalized because they’re harder to spot. Security experts outline the pros and cons of all options and offer free trials, ensuring you install the best security system for your needs.

Consult contractors and establish a timeline once you’ve determined what must be done to prepare your new business location. This will help you determine when you can occupy your new location and will help you schedule the remaining tasks that must be completed.


Work with professional movers.

Hire a moving company to pack belongings and move your possessions from your current offices. Professional movers can supply packing materials and pack all your items on your behalf, reducing your workload. They’ll load your property into moving trucks, transport your possessions to your new office, and unload your belongings.

Your moving company can also transport possessions to a storage unit before moving them to your new location. Self-storage facilities offer an ideal storage solution for individuals and businesses when they’re moving. Many moving companies run storage facilities and help you find storage space that’s the right size for your property.

Contracting a unit with an experienced storage facility will ensure your peace of mind during the move. There are several facts about the self storage industry many people don’t know. Many storage sites in the United States use green energy, making them environmentally friendly. Storage companies offer climate-controlled units, enabling you to secure your property in a storage unit kept at a suitable temperature, preventing damage while your goods are in storage.


Let people know you’re moving.

Let your suppliers know you’re relocating. You should notify account managers who handle your orders to let them know your new address and when you expect to complete the move. Stay in touch closer to the date in case your move’s delayed. You’ll also need to notify your utility companies and arrange to set up utility services at your new business site and terminate your accounts at your old location.

Your customer service strategy should include notifying current clients about your move and ensuring they have all relevant information needed to transition to your new business location. You should include information in company newsletters and post notices at the front desk of your current location, ensuring all patrons know about the move and have your new address.

Moving your business is a time-consuming process. Working with professionals and following a checklist can simplify the process of relocating your business offices


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