A Security Company? Here’s Why You Should Invest In a Security Incident Reporting Software

Security companies are responsible for the protection and safety of a property and its occupants. They employ skilled and experienced security professionals. Invest in top-notch hardware to keep an eagle eye and do their best to prevent any unfortunate incidents. But, accidents do happen, and you have to be prepared for the investigation process. 

It’s not that you are at fault, but as a security company, you have the responsibility to check what caused the incident and take adequate steps. It will help find the drawbacks in the system and prepare you in advance to deal with such situations. But, the question comes how?

Well, advancements in technology have helped companies build software programs that are equipped with real-time monitoring, geo-tagging, and tracking features. The Security incident reporting software is one such tool that helps companies understand the whole scenario clearly, find out the faults and make required adjustments. So, if you are a security company, it is advised to invest in a modern, new and efficient security incident reporting software that has all the features of security guard management software. 

Here we have discussed some features that prove useful during incident reporting.

Precise Location

If you are in a building or a floor, it is easy to identify the accident spot by field guards. But, when you are responsible for the security of a broad area like a university campus that has several buildings and paths, identification becomes challenging. Modern incident reporting software programs come with precise location settings adjusted to a few meters showing exactly where the action took place. Thus, you can get a quick and accurate location of the incident. 

Integration of Photos and Videos

CCTV surveillance is always a wise move to keep an eye on the property. It can be made better by integrating the monitoring with incident reporting management software. When the cameras detect something unusual, they can send the alerts with photo and video attachments to all the personnel in the security process. Anyone close to the incident site can take the appropriate action and prevent the danger. So, incident reporting software with photo/ video integration is a must-have.

Emergency Contacts and Task Prioritization

Security guards have the experience but sometimes lack the expertise to manage an unexpected accident. In such cases, you need an expert in the field. Security incident reporting software programs come with an emergency contacts option that sends a notification to the preferred contacts and alerts them of the situation. The officers can then handle the situation and assign tasks as per priority. This improves the response time and brings perfection to the job.

Better Communication

Clear and transparent communication are the key elements of managing an incident. On-time communication is critical for the success of your security firm’s operations. So, you must invest in a security incident reporting software that has several built-in communication tools. It can be email notifications or chat messaging. And, for the worst-case scenario, like poor internet connection, a software that supports text messaging is perfect.

Most of the incident reporting software also supports the mobile version that allows security personnel to take advantage of other features like GPS, calling, geo-tagging and more.


Record tracking, history timeline, backup are some of the additional features that security incident reporting software supports. All these features help you to tackle the situation efficiently and transparently without any hassle. You get the proof and evidence related to the incident, which can be used for further investigation. So, invest in a reliable software program and ensure better client acquisition and retention! 


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