AA Meetings in Illinois: Ask an Alcoholic What It Means to be Sober

Audrey Hepburn had famously said: “Life is a party. Dress for it.” For somebody who has just turned sober, life is an even bigger party because they have a reason to celebrate. If you have been into alcohol for decades and now haven’t touched a drink for 60 days, you deserve to celebrate.

Going sober for 60 days straight is a milestone. Celebrating this milestone motivates you to achieve another milestone…and then another. And that’s how life becomes – sober, successful, and one big party!

AA meetings in Illinois can play a substantial role in helping you achieve such milestones. One must never ignore achieving milestones. Achievements signify the fact that whenever you are determined to do something, it becomes possible.

In the journey of sobriety, milestones are important. They prove that recovery is possible. And when you celebrate a milestone, you prove that you have done it.

Sobriety means a lot to an alcoholic

It can be quite a frustrating experience for somebody who wishes to quit drinking, but can’t due to addiction. When they join local AA meetings, they gather the strength and the support it requires to kick-off alcohol.

If an alcoholic, who did not see a day without alcohol, goes sober even for 24 hours, it’s an accomplishment.

You cannot ignore this accomplishment.

Now, when the same person continues to stay sober for the next 24 hours and the next, which means 72 hours, it is no less than a miracle.

This is worthy of celebration.

Tools like Sobriety Calculator come in handy during such accomplishments. They keep a tab on the exact number of days you stay sober. This inspires you to increase the number of sober days in the calculation.

Many recovering alcoholics can’t believe it’s them staying sober!

How AA meetings help create such miracles

Meetings provide a platform wherein you can open up about your alcoholic experiences, admit your wrongdoings, and bring out your emotional side. People listen to you with empathy. The listeners are people like you. They have gone through similar experiences. They can understand.

Being in such an environment gives you confidence in your ability to recover. You must first believe you have done the right thing in deciding to quit drinking. People who are still in doubt can also attend the meetings. Perhaps they may shed their doubts and become more determined to De-addict.

Meetings help you find the power within to accomplish sobriety milestones. Slowly, you realize you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

For those in doldrums due to their addiction, search “meeting near me”. This is a place where you can light up your heart and not take life too seriously.

According to one of the therapists at the meetings, it is alcoholism that you must take seriously, not life. It’s okay if you fell into the trap of addiction. That’s not failure. Not doing anything to come out of the trap is a failure. Do something now.

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