AdSense Alternatives: High-Paying Ad Networks for Bloggers and Publishers in 2022

Publishers are always looking for new and better ways to monetize their content. AdSense is a popular way for beginner-level publishers to start making money from their sites but it isn’t the only way. What if I told you there are several AdSense alternatives that can help you make 10X more than what you are making from your current AdSense payouts and you’ll never have to risk getting your account suspended?

In this post, we’ll take a look at the highest-paying AdSense alternatives for publishers in 2022. These platforms offer a variety of ad formats and can help you increase your revenue. So, whether you’re looking for a new AdOps partner or just want to explore your options, read on for our top picks!

  1. MonetizeMore

It is one of the best Ad monetization partners today that has worked with over 1000+ publishers, which can help 5X your ad revenue with its customized ad optimizations. It provides you with an actionable ad revenue platform called PubGuru that can help you boost your revenue and compare the ad revenue across different ad networks, web pages, and UTMs.

MonetizeMore can help you take your ad revenue to the next level with the help of advanced and high-performance Ad technology. Moreover, at MonetizeMore, they work as a team of AdOps experts who believe in complete transparency. So, if you collaborate with this platform, you can completely customize your ad optimization process and have ownership of your ad inventory with no lock-in contracts.

Why Should You Go for MonetizeMore?

  1. Get access to premium Ad networks
  2. Boost your RPMs up to 50%
  3. MonetizeMore has won many awards including the Google Innovation Award 2020 and America’s Fast-Growing Companies 2022 by Financial Times
  4. Comprehensive reporting and detailed analytics
  5. Get access to video header bidding



If you want to go for a sponsored advertisement platform, go for Nativo. It is a combined platform that serves both publishers and advertisers. Nativo possesses all the tools required to impact the customer journey most amazingly.

Why Should You Go for Nativo?

  1. It is a decent publisher-directory inventory
  2. Nativo consists of exclusive formats
  3. Nativo has an authentic and guaranteed highest quality reach
  4. Nativo works across a diverse range of websites
  5. You can use the power of machine learning to boost your reach if you are using Nativo.
  6. C) net is one of the best advertising platforms to help you increase your revenue. With, you get access to a wide number of advertisers. Moreover, you can not only contact many advertisers with but also get in touch with such advertisers who work relevant to your niche.

If you work with, they will provide you with contextual ads which can empower your content and let it become popular. Moreover, can help you connect with an efficient buyer network too.

Why Should You Go for

  1. You can revolutionize your ad strategy
  2. You can enjoy a great demand for your inventory throughout the world
  3. Make the user experience your priority with


Mediavine is another popular ad network that is popular among lifestyle content creators who work in food, home, travel, parenting niches, etc. Don’t think you will have to only work in those niches to become a part of Mediavine. It’s just that these types of sites do great in Mediavine. What’s more, Mediavine works with a ‘creator first’ approach. So, it’s easy for you to get accustomed to it. Also, it is super easy to get started with Mediavine; you will just need 50,000 visits every month; invalid traffic is not counted in this. So, keep an eye on this fact.

Why Should You Go for Mediavine?

  1. You can leverage the power of full-service ad management.
  2. Mediavine is one of the prime members of the Top 20 Comscore property, having more than 125 million new visitors every month.
  3. You get a chance to work with the Mediavine team, which can help you attain desired outcomes for your business as your partner.
  4. E) Earnify

Earnify is one of the best native advertising platforms in today’s digital marketing landscape, which can help you drive maximum traffic to the landing pages. Earnify is always connected to major advertising networks, which allows you to expand your ad campaigns.

Why Should You Go for Earnify?

  1. Optimize your conversions
  2. Enjoy the power of superior targeting
  3. Prevent fraud with Earnify
  4. You will get access to transparent in-detail analytics
  5. F) Adblade

Adblade is a great ad platform that has more than 300 million users. With Adblade, you can access local and global websites, which work well for advertisers and publishers. Adblade provides you with different content style formats which can fit your needs from the start of your campaign.

Why Should You Go for Adblade?

  1. This ad network is a perfect solution for monetization
  2. You can get access to both standard and advanced ad units with Adblade
  3. Adblade can have solid control over your sales
  4. You can enjoy the benefits of robust reporting if you collaborate with Adblade
    • Ezoic

Ezoic is a strong alternative to Google AdSense. This ad network is extensive, with a diverse existence across different geographical locations and demographics.

So, if your website traffic comes from different parts of the world, Ezoic can help your earn slightly more compared to AdSense. It can deliver such ads to you which are relevant and interesting to the readers of all countries. What’s more, Ezoic has a user-friendly dashboard. The bad side of Ezoic is that the support team is usually not available 24/7 compared to other alternatives and its technology depreciates your site speed.

Why Should You Go for Ezoic?

  1. If you have 80% of the blog traffic coming from outside the US, you can increase your income with Ezoic
  2. Ezoic comes with an easy-to-use publisher dashboard
  3. Ezoic has a huge advertiser network throughout the world

The Bottom Line

All the ad networks listed above can help you monetize your content in the best way you could ever think of. They work differently and have different needs.

Overall, your objective is to boost your CPMs without having any negative impact on the user experience of your website. So, it is crucial to strike the right balance. And for that, you need to first experiment with the above AdSense alternatives to find the best match for your business.

So, which one do you prefer? Comment down below!


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