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BigTime Software

This BigTime review will tell you everything you ever wondered about the software. The software was founded in 2002 by Brian Sanders and since then the company has only grown in both size and prestige. In the last 20 years that BigTime software has existed, it has definitely made a name for itself.

The software is popular in various industries and among various professionals. It is used by everyone; from accountants to architects and more. This software is very robust which makes it decent to use. The software has a number of features which makes it a popular option for a lot of users. In this piece, we will be telling you about all the benefits you get to experience with BigTime software which make it a stellar choice for you and your business. We will help you figure out whether or not this software is the right call for the needs of you and your business on a whole!

Key BigTime Features

Automatic Tracking

The automatic tracking feature in BigTime software really allows you to ensure that everything with your work is as it needs to be. The software automatically tracks all your particulars related to finances which helps you to simply track the money going in and out of your business. Having a tool which helps you track everything related to finances really takes the stress out of a lot of things for you. The tracking feature takes off the stress of managing money so you can focus on other aspects of your business apart from this!

Great Customer Service

The next feature in BigTime software we want to highlight is not exactly a direct feature in the software but happens to be helpful nonetheless. The software has a great team for customer relations which means you do not have to worry about running into any issues. If you run into an issue, you can easily have it resolved in no time at all. The software has a world class customer support team which is ideal for you, as a customer. The software ensures you are able to get great after sales services so that you never have to worry about the software even after purchasing it.

Client Invoicing

The invoicing feature in BigTime software is another one which allows you to ensure you are getting your money’s worth with BigTime software. The feature has invoice templates which you can choose from and also gives you the option to automatically generate an invoice. This helps you get an invoice immediately which you can send to your client right away too. And because of this, you can get reimbursed much sooner since sending an invoice right away cuts down the processing time for invoices on both your side and your client’s side!

Project Mapping

The project mapping feature is another one we want to talk to you about. The project mapping allows for a visual map for the course of the project; from the start to the finish to be made. This helps you make the entire process much easier for you and hence gives you the ability to have an easier way to explain a project to your team. Data has shown time and again, that visual cues are a better tool to explain something to a team than mere written explainers. Hence, this feature is definitely beneficial to everyone involved!


The templates feature in BigTime software allows for you to ensure you have a lot of options to choose from. The software has a number of templates you can look at and choose for your project planning needs. You can also customize these templates so they fit your needs better. This helps you have a template which is exclusively for you. The template feature is often talked about in a lot of BigTime reviews which means it is definitely a feature much appreciated by current users of the software!

BigTime Pricing

Now we come to the question of BigTime pricing. The software has various price levels depending on the versions of the software. The cheapest version costs $10, there is a mid-tier version for $30 and the most expensive option for $40. The version you choose depends on what your needs are. As the price you pay for the software increases, so do the features you can access in the software. We are sure whatever version you choose will fit your needs well!

Is BigTime Right for You?

We cannot decide for you whether or not BigTime Software is the right call for you but we surely guide you to the right decision for you and your needs. The first thing we suggest is writing down all the features you would ideally want in a software and then comparing those features to the features available in the BigTime software feature you want.

We also suggest you ask for a BigTime demo or trial of the software version you want. A trial of a software gives you firsthand interaction with the software so that you can ensure the software will fit the bill when it comes to your needs.

Another thing we would like to tell you is to read as many users BigTime reviews as you can. These BigTime reviews will give you an idea about how the software will work in the long term. This ensures you get a software which will work in the long term for you and allow you to ensure that everything works right for you!

We are sure whatever decision you make about BigTime project management software will be the right call for you!

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