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Android Development for Your Business

Have you ever thought about why so many users prefer Android over other popular platforms? Well, the answer is obvious. For the time being, Android devices occupy more than 80% of the global mobile market. So, it comes as no surprise that lots of beginner developers who aim to create a mobile application for their business set their sights exactly on Android. If you’re also thinking about building your own application but, due to some reasons, are limited to a single mobile platform, consider opting for Android development.

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Why Android?

You might wonder why you should start with Android development to boost your own business opportunities. As we’ve already noted, Android has a large market share, meaning that the majority of users rely on Android devices to perform their daily digital tasks. It’s also worth noting that Android has a huge set of advanced tools and technologies, which enable you to create robust yet straightforward applications for businesses of all sizes and orientations. The tools used by Android professionals are less expensive than other popular options, which allows developing a powerful app on a budget. What’s more, the cutting-edge technologies Android utilizes make it possible for various industries to speed up the app development process and start reaping financial benefits as early as possible. 

The Future of Android Development

If you’re still hesitant as to whether Android development will be a viable option for you in the near future, you can cast away your doubts right away. Android technologies are likely to last for a long, long time.

Instant Apps                               

Time flies and brings along lots of changes that the mobile development market has to keep up with. To make the development process easier, more convenient, and cost-effective, Android has introduced effective tools wherewith businesses can create robust solutions within the shortest possible time. Instant apps are a time-saving tech that saves users the bother of installing new applications onto their devices. With instant apps, users load just a certain portion of the app to perform the needed action. This helps improve your app’s loading time and overall performance.

Artificial Intelligence and machine Learning

More and more businesses are now tapping into the power of modern technologies to boost their productivity, streamline and automate various processes, and improve UX. Much-hyped AI and ML technologies are now deployed by Android developers to create powerful solutions. AI-powered tools enable companies to automate their business processes, improve customer satisfaction and internal communication, aggregate and unify data, streamline HR events, and much more. Among the most popular solutions that help companies scale are chatbots, voice assistants, threat intelligence apps, AI-based digital writing assistants, etc.    


If you want to speed up money transactions, reduce operational costs, and enhance your security, it’s about time you learned more about blockchain. Android has harnessed this technology to create safer and more efficient decentralized apps, which can go a long way in increasing business operations transparency, preventing data leakage, and boosting business productivity. What’s more, new Android applications with blockchain integrations open up lots of new opportunities for businesses that want to use cryptocurrencies as a store of value or try their hand at creating their own crypto platforms. You can even add Bitcoin or other digital coins as a payment option in your application. 

Now you see that Android development is here to stay and benefit your company in every possible way. If you hire the right developer that knows how to make the most of an impressive arsenal of Android development tools, you’ll manage to create a highly effective app that will help your business reach new heights.  


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