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Are baby ball pythons good pets?

So, your heart is set on taking home a ball python as your companion animal of choice. Now, picking out the animal you eventually want to take home is never a small task. There are various factors to take into consideration, such as the morph, breeder’s reputation, and – surprisingly – age. Indeed, the age of your snake will impact how you care for and raise your pet.

So, at what age should one acquire a pet ball python? While these snakes would make a wonderful addition to your home at any age, there are certain factors that may drive your preference towards choosing a younger animal over an adult.

The Appeal of Baby Ball Pythons

Costing Less

As with most things, ball pythons are notably less expensive when they are smaller and easier to handle than a full adult. For instance, the classic ball python – as a baby – will typically cost around $80 (not including shipping), while the adult will cost around $150. This is due to the extra investment that your seller has taken in raising and accommodating this snake into adulthood, and the extra space it may take for shipping.

Of course, there are many fancy morphs that will be much more than $80. Whether you choose the classic or a slightly pricier python, just be sure to properly research how much your pet will cost ahead of time to ensure that it works within your budget.

Including Food

While feeding a snake is never particularly costly, baby snakes don’t require large mice during feedings. Most baby ball pythons consume hopper or medium-sized mice, which cost around 1 dollar each compared to the $1.50-$2 of adult mice. You can even order your food in bulk to ensure you have a stable supply.

Watching Them Grow

As many ball python owners can attest, one of the biggest joys of raising a baby snake is watching it grow and develop under your care. There are a variety of changes that your snake will go through into adulthood temperamentally and physically, and you’ll be privy to them all.

The most obvious transformation in this regard will be its length and girth. Indeed, the snake you see as a baby may look fairly different as an adult. Some colors will also become brighter, and new markings may appear. Overall, it’s just cool to see your snake physically grow.

Behaviorally, your snake will most certainly act fairly different in various stages of its life. When baby ball pythons for sale come home, they arrive as a timid, possibly threatened small animal that isn’t acclimated to its new enclosure or owner. As it grows, however, you will certainly see it blossom into its true personality and observe as it gets more comfortable around you.

Final Thoughts on Baby Ball Pythons

Overall, ball pythons make great pets at any age. They are notably docile, and an excellent size for inhabiting human homes – even as adults. While some may choose to seek out adult ball pythons for sale, hatchlings certainly have their own list of benefits. Either way, you are sure to have an unusual, wonderful presence in your home that will be with you for years to come.


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