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Why my AVAST WON’T OPEN? 3 simple And Easy Solutions.

(Fixed) - Avast Won't Open in windows - 3 Possible fixes

When It comes to Installing an Antivirus on your Windows The very first software that comes to your Mind is Avast and then any other and it also has its many benefits with Paid Versions. Even though many kinds of problems can be caused to both Antivirus and Your PC Windows and today we will cover the Very Common Problem Avast won’t Open on Windows at all and it does not Display any error

Different types Of Fix are Possible. If you Go and Look into the Internet you will Find Many Fix and Many People used many different Method to get rid of this Problem many of these are Outdated Methods and they just don’t work anymore What you can Do is try Some of the following Method and may Fix Your Problem Without Paying and Anyone A single Penny

Cause of the Problem Avast won’t open

Many kinds of problems can cause The avast to fail.  If we start Listing every Problem that may cause the Problem we many pages But We can Point The Extremely Common and relevant Cause for this Fix and can help Solve this Problem

Wrecked Avast Installation

There Is a great Number of Possibilities that your Antivirus Installed was not completed with Success. and comes with Corrupt Installation and you can always clean Wipeout All the Files and Fresh install Avast

Avast Is Not Running Properly

                There can be A problem while Starting Avast try restarting your Windows and retry launching Avast


1.    Repair Avast if your avast won’t open

                If your Avast Won’t open. you don’t need to panic because you can repair using Repair Wizards Navigating from Control Panel. After these fixes, you might consider customizing Setting again accordingly and I want you to have positive Vibes while performing this fix. This fix works for plenty of peoples

  • Before You Start Make Sure you are login as an Administrative Account
  • Open Control Panel by searching in Start Menu or use run “windows key + R” and search for “control” or “Control Panel” and hit enter
  • Now Navigate to Uninstall A program which is Under the Programs
  • A window will appear in this Locate Avast and click on Uninstall or Repair
  • An Uninstall wizard should open with 4 options Update, Repair, Modify & Uninstall
  • Click Repair and click Next a confirmation Popup Message will open and after that your, Antivirus will most likely Restart ­and come with the Default Setting
  • Click Finish When the Button appears and Restart your computer and check if it can now start properly

2.    Restart Antivirus Service If avast won’t open

Commonly, the error is Preventing Windows from opening Avast Service. Services can be Restarted More Easily than you might imagine all you need is to follow these Simple Steps to fix Avast Won’t Open

  • Open Service Panel by searching in Start Menu or use run “windows key + R” and search for “services.msc” and hit enter
  • Navigate to Avast Antivirus. Right-click on antivirus and select Properties
  • If the service is started (displayed next to the service status message)  and stop it by clicking the stop button in the middle Of the window. And let it be stoped for a while
  • Just make sure that the startup type option is set to automatically and confirm any dialog box that appears and then click start

Note! An error may occur when you click Start “ Windows could not start the Avast Antivirus service on Local Computer. Error 1079: The account specified for this service differs from the account specified for other services running in the same process. ” if this happens follow the given instructions

  • Now from the top Navigate to Logon and then Click On Browse
  • Type your account name under the “Enter the object name to select” and click check name. you might have to wait until your name become available
  • Click ok and enter your password in the Password box when asked if you have a password set on it

Now check if your Avast Work Properly

3.    Install Avast from start

Now I know how much Stressed you might be and how much anger might be on your head let me tell you A clean Installation can Fix Anything and what is Antivirus in front of it although Thi uninstall will be more than just any regular Reinstallation CUZ you need to remove Cache and All the registry file for it to work properly just follow these steps

  • You will be needing the latest File you can Download free files from here and also you will be needing Avast Uninstall Utility which you can download from here
  • Disconnect your internet  and Boot into Safe Mode
  • To boot into Safe Mode or use run “windows key + R” and search for “or use run “windows key + R” and search for “MSConfig” and hit enter 
  • A System Configuration window will appear in this navigate to boot tab click on the check box next to Safe Boot and click ok and restart your Computer
  • After the restart run the Antivirus Uninstall utility. Locate the installed folder which is most likely in C:\Program Files now choose your files wisely because any content will be removed 
  • Click the file Remove Option and restart your computer properly 
  • Now install the Avast and check if it works Properly

Also see “Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device ” Error: 10 Proven Fixes!


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