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The advancement of Avatar 2 appeared to be at lagging a pace. The movie seemed like it wouldn’t even happen at all. As months passed by, things reversed and the movie took a good pace. Just looking at the actors that have been added to the Avatar 2 cast, you could tell the movie is going to happen.

The Avatar 2 cast is built up of new characters as well as returning old ones. Throughout this article, you’ll see the cast that is already confirmed to be in the coming avatar film.

Sam Worlington “Jake Sully”

Avatar 2 is coming again and Sam Worlington would appear on the big screen yet again. There’s no doubt about Jake being the dominating character. However, the main story of the movie remains uncertain, but Jake having kids with Neytiri is certain.

Sigourney Weaver “Dr. Grace Augustine”

Having died during an event in the first movie, weaver appearing again as Augustine in avatar 2 is hard to understand. Whether as another being or in a Navi avatar body, how she will appear is still unclear.

It’s possible the “Tree of Souls” may be bearing her consciousness, though we were convinced the system never worked. Whatever way it’ll happen, we’ll find out in the movie. Weaver was already fixed ever since the film wasn’t a surefire. So, she’s coming back!

Zoe Saldana “Neytiri”                    

Saldana has been a great actress over the years, starring in several big movies. She played Neytiri in the first avatar who was Jake’s loved. She guided Jake on the path of the Na’vi. Excited and ready, Saldana is returning in the coming Avatar 2, still as Neytiri.

Stephen Lang “Colonel Miles Quaritch”

Colonel Miles died at the end of the first avatar film in a battle. However, this antagonist will be back in the next movie. Lang’s acting is outstanding and this has set him up for subsequent avatar movies.

Joel David Moore “Norm Spellman”

Moore played Spellman in the first film. He was the friend of Tom (Jake’s late twin brother). Later on, he became friends with Jake and joined him in the battle against Quaritch. Spellman’s had no link to the avatar again but remained on Pandora even after humans were booted from the planet. It sets him up to be one of the few wholly human characters that will appear in Avatar 2.

Kate Winslet “Ronal”

Fans of James Cameron must know Kate who starred in one of his big films, the “Titanic”. Now, James is set to work again with her. Kate will be “Ronal”, and that’s all we know for now.

Either as a Na’vi or human, it’s not clear which way she’ll appear. Even if she’s a Na’vi, no one knows if she’ll be from the reef or the jungle. What’s exciting is that both stars, James and Kate would collaborate again.

CCH Pounder “Mo’at”

Pounder played this character well. The keeper of the Tree of Souls and Na’vi spiritual leader. She’s clearly an important character.

Looking at dead characters returning to the screen, Mo’at might have something to do with their return.

Jamie Flatters “Neteyam”

Being the first son Jake would have with Neytiri, Neteyam has an important role in the movie. He would be played by Jamie Flatters, one of the few young actors who would birth new characters in Avatar 2.

Britain Dalton “Lo’ak”

Lo’ak is another young character, he’s the youngest of Jake and Neytiri’s sons. Dalton, another young actor, would play this character in the movie.

Trinity Bliss “Tuktirey”

Tuk is the daughter and youngest child and of the Sully’s. The Avatar 2 movie would be a big one for Bliss as it happens to be her first movie.

Chris Curtis “Tonowari”

“Fear of the walking dead”, a film Chris Curtis starred in. It’s not yet clear if he’ll be a friend or enemy to Jake in the Movie. It’s possible he would team up with Jake to battle colonel Quaritch because he has been approved for the subsequent avatar movies. Just like Jake, Tonowari would be seen with children.

Filip Geljo “Aonung”

Filip would be as Aonung in Avatar 2, Tonowari’s son. Also, he’s a skilled Metkayina hunter and diver. More about Aonung is not yet known.

Bailey Bass “Tsireya”

A young member of the Metkayina whom Bass would act as. Fondly called Reya, she’s a strong and elegant character. Tsireya can freely dive within oceans, which appears to be a skill common to the reef people (Metkayina).

Duane Evans Jr. “Roxto”

Another young hunter and skilled diver of the reef people. Roxto would be acted by the young actor, Evans. Nothing else is known about this character.

Jack Champion as “Javier ‘Spider’ Socorro”

Spider is the only verified new human identity in the film. He likes being around the Pandora rainforest, despite “Hell’s Gate” being his place of origin.

Oona Chaplain “Varang”

Oona, an actress many fans of the “Game of Thrones” should know is going to play ‘Varang’, a new energetic character in Avatar 2. Having a single name, Varang signifies she’s a Navi and likely not a human character.

Matt Gerald “Corporal Lyle Wainfleet”

This character, Lyle, died in the first avatar. He was killed by some native wildlife in Pandora. However, he will be returning to all the coming sequels. The way he’ll appear again on the screen should probably be the same as others who died, too.

Jemaine Clement “Dr. Ian Garvin”

Dr. Ian played by Clement is a marine biologist. This role relates well to what the movie focuses on, “oceans of alien plants”.

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