Benefits of Automation in Salesforce Testing

Salesforce is the most popular cloud based service and is expected to continue growing in the coming years. Due to its surging popularity, salesforce keeps on updating as per the customer’s demands. Salesforce supports multiple integrations to cater to customer’s requirements, hence salesforce is not only an efficient CRM but equally complicated. Inorder to ensure that the new updates do not affect the existing features, Salesforce testing is a must. The seasonal updates of salesforce, brings nightmare to the testers because there is very less time to test before a new release comes. Hence automating salesforce testing is the need of the hour to keep up with increasing pace of release updates.

Likewise, there are multiple benefits of automating Salesforce Testing, so let’s dive into some of the facts related to automation of Salesforce Testing which helps in boosting its performance.

Early issue identification: During test automation processes, testing is done in earlier stages and at each and every little stage the code is being verified which helps in early detection of bugs. When continuous testing is practiced throughout the entire development lifecycle, the bugs starts getting resolved and there is a very less chance of bugs getting detected in the later stages of development, where rectification becomes difficult and cost consuming. Hence test automation in salesforce helps in early issue identification.

Better test coverage:  Test automation automatically allows to better the test coverage, as it allows hundreds of test cases to run together. This will enable testers to handle and adjust to change with ease and speed. Better test coverage can handle the frequently updating features more efficiently, thus improving the overall performance of the salesforce application.

Improves testing holistically: Automated testing increases the overall efficiency as compared to manual testing which is time consuming and error prone. Automation testing speeds up the process, increases test coverage, builds systematic testing pipeline etc.

Optimal resource distribution: With automation testing you can minimise the time and effort required to run hundreds of test cases. The effort required in testing multiple test cases gets reduced due to automation testing as the repetitive test cases can be tested in minutes. Due to automation, human iuntervention also minimises to great extend, hence the resources can be utilized in more productive processes, thus increasing the ovcerall performance.

Detailed Reports: Test automation also provides analytical reports to provide you detailed information on the performance of testing which helps the team to identify the risks and bottlenecks at an extremely early stages of the lifecycle. These reports helps the testing team to analyse the issues very early on and strategise for the next stages. These reports also helps the stake holder to plan for their future business strategies.


Though Salesforce is very popular tool, its equally complicated. To ensure that the frequmet updates and integrations does not affect the overall performance of the application, automation testing is a must. Automation testing speeds up the process as compared to manual testing and helps to keep pace with the dynamic updates of salesforce. Hence automation testing is a must for improving the performance of Salesforce application.


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