Best JavaScript Courses of 2023

Did You Know?

JavaScript is considered the most popular language used in client-side development among developers across the globe.

Websites of major tech companies, such as Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, etc., have their client side coded in none other than JavaScript.

With considerable advancements in the latest technologies like Big Data, cloud-based computing, and IoT devices, JavaScript is largely being used in application as well as web development. This is why it is believed that the demand for this adaptable and flexible language is here to stay.

In addition, by learning JavaScript, you can choose to become a Web Developer, Application Developer, Software Developer, Software Engineer, and Full-Stack Developer.

It is estimated that the number of jobs demanding JavaScript as a must-have skill is expected to grow by 23%. This is why there is hype around professionals taking JavaScript free courses to excel in the language. They acquire certifications as it is considered the best way to prove their skills to their employers.

The right time to learn JavaScript and advance in your career in web development is NOW!!

Let’s go through the reasons for learning JavaScript and some of the best online courses that you can pursue to advance your skillset.

Why Learn JavaScript?

The first question that comes to mind of many developers is why to learn JavaScript when many other popular languages are available. This section will answer this question.

Did you know that JavaScript is considered an all-purpose language?

Yes! You read that right!!

This implies that JavaScript can run across the complete software stack. It can be used for both the front end and the back end. Apart from being used for web development, JavaScript is also widely used in building browser-based games. In addition, JavaScript is also used for developing mobile applications meant for different operating systems, with the help of various frameworks.

Quick Fact:

  • As per a survey report published by the 2022 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language for the tenth year in a row.
  • Despite being designed for client-side development, it is currently being used by a massive 94.5% of all websites.

So, to build your tech career, it is crucial to master the language.

If you have decided to learn JavaScript, you should take up online training courses offered by many training providers. Let’s discuss some of the best ones.

Best JavaScript Courses of 2023

  1. JavaScript for Beginners by Simplilearn

The edtech giant Simplilearn never fails to provide us with exciting tech courses with a promise to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to advance your career. JavaScript is no exception.

This free course by Simplilearn enables you to learn JavaScript right from the foundational concepts and then head toward advanced ones. You will get to learn how to build various types of applications based on JavaScript.

The skills covered in this course include:

  • Arrays
  • Objects
  • Functions
  • Promise
  • Regex
  • Closure

You can take this course and learn JavaScript if you are a Software developer, UI Developer, UX Developer, Full-Stack Developer, or Web Developer.

Once you are done with the basic and advanced concepts, you will get to work on real-world projects so that you can gain hands-on practice with the way things and functions are used in JavaScript.

In this course by Simplilearn, the training is delivered via industry experts active in their domain, doubt sessions are conducted at the end, and round-the-clock teaching assistance is provided. You will also get career guidance upon completion of the course and it makes sure that you land your dream job.

  1. Learn JavaScript with Codecademy

This course by Codecademy enables you to interact with JavaScript code all the time. JavaScript is already known to play a crucial role in many important fields, such as front-end and back-end development, mobile and gaming applications, augmented and virtual reality systems, and many more. Moreover, it powers the dynamic behavior of websites.

By taking this course, you will get to brush up on your core concepts of programming, learn the concepts of object-oriented programming, and also read and write Javascript code to build a robust website.

Since videos are not enough to learn any language, this course provides you to work on industry projects to get hands-on practice with the tools and techniques involved in JavaScript.

This learning platform provides you with an interactive platform where you will get AI-driven recommendations so that you can review your project and stay on track.

This course also features auto-graded quizzes with instant feedback so that you can reinforce your skills as you go on learning.

  1. JavaScript for Beginners Specialization by Coursera

Another top edtech giant, Coursera, is here with a Specialization course in JavaScript, which is specially curated for novice web developers and aspiring JavaScript users.

By taking this course, you will learn how to work with a Code Editor and how to create loops, and you will also get to understand core programming structures. You will get an introduction to Selection Control Structures.

This course introduces you to the popular jQuery library and covers the syntactical variations of JQuery and JavaScript with the help of small projects.

The skills covered in this course include Data Manipulation, jQuery, animations, and web interactivity.

This course is meant for candidates who have no prior programming experience and wish to transition their careers to web development.

  1. JavaScript Introduction by edX

edX promises to become an expert web developer and add interactivity to your web pages.

By taking this course, you will get to learn how to add JavaScript code to your website and how to make an interactive web application with the help of DOM API. this course also includes basic animations and graphics concepts and dealing with HTML5 forms.


JavaScript enables you to add interactive features to a website; this is why it is crucial to learn JavaScript. You can choose one of the best short online courses listed in this article and advance your career in web development.

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