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We live in a digital world where we are tied at the hip to our phones. From our social life to work chores, everything is conducted on our digital devices. Since they have become a constant part of our life, it makes sense to utilize them for our health benefits too!

Nutrition applications: Why consider them

What we eat has a profound impact on our health, the scope of which is not just limited to our weight.

Taking correct nutrition, keeping track of our calories and sufficient hydration pave way for healthy living, especially if you are in the habit of constantly forgetting things.

Of course, you should consult your Nutritionist in Lahore for expert help, however, investing in nutrition applications is also a good way to stay on top of your dietary needs.

These applications come with several benefits; they are easily accessible so you can query about anything any time of the day. Moreover, it is easier to log your diet into the applications, as we generally tend to carry mobiles all the time with us. The push notifications and reminders serve with helpful prompts that we might forget otherwise.

Top nutrition applications

Investing in a nutrition mobile application is something that you should try to experiment with. Some top apps to try include:


Having knowledge about food is vital for to understand if your nutritional needs are being met. Fooducate educates people about different aspects of nutrition. It also helps you count the calories, and recognize the quality of the consumed calories, which is important.

It also allows people to monitor their mood, sleep, exercise, all of which play a crucial role in your health.

Lose it

For people looking for weight loss, Lose it can help. It aids in keeping track of how many calories you have consumed alongside charting your progress. It also makes suggestions on your caloric intake and physical activity to achieve your target weight.

Moreover, it also helps in summarizing your eating habits, so it is easier for you to find the problematic areas. Lose it also contains community support, that allows you to receive help, and even dispense help to others. The interface is also easy to navigate.

MyPlate Calorie Counter

While you should not become anal about counting every single calorie in your plate, however, having a good estimate helps you limit your consumption to an optimal level.

MyPlate Calorie Counter allows you to log and thus track how many calories you have consumed. As it also involves entering your physical activity, it thus gives a reasonable estimate of your net caloric intake. It is very helpful for those aiming to lose weight.

The app also has bonus features like healthy recipes, meal plans etc. There is also community support that allows you to reach out to like-minded people for motivation when the fitness blues get too much to bear.


Noom is not your average nutrition application; it gets into the intricacies of food psychology, allowing you to understand and revamp your eating habits. It therefore hits the problem of healthy eating, rather lack thereof, right on the head.


To ensure that you eat healthy, it is pertinent that your grocery list be healthy, which is something ShopWell can help you with. It allows people to shop for food items that fit their profile, scan labels to find their nutritional breakdown, and has recipe section so that you can easily make healthy meals.

Carb Manager

If you want to cut back on your carbohydrate consumption, Carb Manager can help you with that. It helps you in tracking your calories consumed alongside tracking how many of these came from carbohydrates. It also monitors glycemic load, blood glucose, ketones etc.


It is excellent for those doing keto, although, you should first consult your Nutritionist in Rawalpindi before starting a restrictive diet like ketogenic diet.






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