Best Slot Games | Most Popular Online Slots in 2022

Slots have always been one of the most popular gambling games out there. That’s because they are easy to learn and depend mostly on luck. However, the games are always made to run in the favor of the house.

There are countless variations of the game based on your chances of winning and the aesthetic of the game itself. Here are a few of such slot games and depending on what kind of player you are and what your preferences are.

Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches is one of the most popular slot games out there. It’s a slot with 5 reels and 20 pay lines and it has a rather good return to investment. This is what makes it such a popular choice for new players that like simple games and ones that make it seem as if they are winning often if not a lot.

The theme of the game is Irish and everything that has to do with Irish luck. That’s appropriate and many players enjoy the game because of its fun theme without going into details about RTP.

Cyberpunk City

Cyberpunk City is a game that can be found in many different casinos. It’s also a game with 5 reels and 20 pay lines which makes it a game for mid-size players. It has a good return to investment but the game is pretty volatile and in most cases, this means steady and small payments.

The game also has an interesting bonus system that can come in handy if you’re a small-time player and need a boost every now and then. The icons on the first and fifth reels will activate the bonuses.

Mega Moolah

It’s one of the most popular games produced by a now-famous developer Microgaming. The game was produced in 2006 and it has had millions of players so far. It shows how good the game is and how important Microgaming has become in the industry. It stands out due to how good the game is from the perspective of an ordinary player.

It’s the user experience that makes this game so unique and so popular. It’s also designed rather slickly and it has quite a lot of different bonuses which allows a player to keep playing even after a few bad turns.


This game makes every list because of its aesthetic rather than because of its features or return to the player that it can provide. In all of these matters, the game is ordinary and it’s a middle of the road five reel slot that you can find at other casinos and developers as well. However, it does look quite beautiful.

The game has a space and science theme and it draws you in with the rich design and slick graphics. Most players claim that this is what makes it their favorite slot game out of so many they can choose from.


Cleopatra is another slot game that draws attention to itself based on its theme and the aesthetic that it provides. It’s based on the interest for ancient Egypt and most specifically on the time of Cleopatra from which the game gets its name. It has 20 pay lines and a simple bonus system.

The game is bright and cheery in its graphics. The gamers that are looking for fun and engaging games usually choose it because of this aesthetic. It has a good return to the player but the jackpots aren’t that big as is the case with most such games.

Reel Rush

Reel Rush is a good game for those who gamble on a tight budget. It’s also a good option for those who want to play with no risk and for tokens rather than with real money so that they can learn about the game and test their skills. It’s a good way to prepare for the real thing.

It uses a wild card bonus which means that you can get a token that replaces any other and increase your chances of winning by a few thousand times. This slot is a game for those who play for fun more than for profit.

Gonzo Quest

Gonzo has a colorful and somewhat surreal theme with which it draws the players in. The graphics are very detail-oriented and look like something out of a carton rather than a gambling game. It’s also a slot with one of the best payouts and with a good return to players.

The gameplay is innovative and unpredictable which means that it’s not a game to use to learn about slots but one that you should choose deliberately once you’re already a good enough player to try out a difficult game and earn from it.

Which One to Choose?

There’s no one simple answer to this question. There are a lot of variables that go into it and you need to start with what your preference is. For some, the return to the player is the most important and for others, it’s how the game looks and what the gameplay is like.

There are many players that find their game early on and stick with it for years. However, it’s best to explore new games and to look for new options and new bonuses that can help you get the most out of a slot.  It’s a trial and error process.


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